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Polish cake or bread with jam in it???

zerno 1 | -  
21 Dec 2008 /  #1
When I used to visit my polish aunt, she used to make a type of bread/cake that had a layer of jam cooked in the middle of it. i cannot remember what it was called and have never seen it since. does anyone know what it was called and have a recipe for it. i have talked about if for so long, i really would like to make it.
21 Dec 2008 /  #2
I only know of Polish Doughnuts - Paczki. They can look like a small cake sometimes <on the outside when they are cold perhaps ?>

They have jam in them.

Maybe someone else will know what you are looking for. I shall continue to google for you in the meantime :)

The link below will show you a picture of the Paczki <looking like a small cake. I'm not to sure the recipe in the link is the best one for the Polish version though


Found this recipe for Polish honey cake and jam is used "cut each loaf into 3 layers, spread jam (strawberry,
raspberry or apricot) and then reassemble. "

recipe can be found here it's called 'piernik'

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