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Where to buy a turkey in Gdansk?

scottie1113 7 | 898  
17 Nov 2009 /  #1
Fresh or frozen. My school is having a Thanksgiving dinner this Saturday and I can't find a whole turkey. Butchers tell me that maybe they'll have one at Christmas, but I need one now. Can anyone help?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379  
17 Nov 2009 /  #2
try tesco or any other superstore. i doubt that you'll find anything over 14lb though.
isa 10 | 41  
18 Nov 2009 /  #3
The "fowl" ladies at Hala Targowa (rynek) in Gdynia will bring you any sized turkey you desire (the smallest one is 12K=26lbs), but you will pay dearly. About 17zl per kilo.

Happy Thanksgiving!
OP scottie1113 7 | 898  
18 Nov 2009 /  #4
Thanks for the replies. I'm not going to Gdynia to buy a turkey. I just don't have enough time to do that before Saturday and I don't want to lug a bird back to Gdansk on the train.

One of my students saw frozen turkeys in Tesco in Chelm (10 minutes by tram from where I live) today so I'll go there tomorrow morning and buy one. I'll need time to defrost it and soak it in wine before I cook it on Saturday. Mmmmm. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.
isa 10 | 41  
19 Nov 2009 /  #5

While you're at Tesco, can you check what is the smallest turkey they've got? My convection oven can only fit so much ;-)
OP scottie1113 7 | 898  
19 Nov 2009 /  #6
I didn't go to Tesco. I live in the Old Town and I don't have a visa for Chelm, so I found the last 6 kg turkey in BOMI Madison and bought it, even though it was 25 zl/kilo. Ouch. Well, the other teachers are chipping in 10 zl apiece to defray the cost and we have a turkey.

My turkey is about 30 cm long x 15 cm high and about the same width. isa, will that fit in your oven?
19 Nov 2009 /  #7
the other teachers are chipping in 10 zl apiece to defray the cost and we have a turkey.

You spent 150zl on a turkey and they are chipping in 10zl each?! They better be bringing enough booze to float a battleship!
isa 10 | 41  
20 Nov 2009 /  #8

The length is not a problem, it's the height - I would have to sit on the bird to squash it ;-)
The idea is not appealing and neither is paying $54 !

Hmmm...I wonder how does a corn-bread stuffed goose taste like?
OP scottie1113 7 | 898  
20 Nov 2009 /  #9
Yeah, the price is outrageous, but it's only once a year. Where are you going to find a goose?
McCoy 27 | 1,269  
20 Nov 2009 /  #10
Where to buy a turkey in Gdansk?

just follow people with an american accent on the thanksgiving eve
OP scottie1113 7 | 898  
22 Nov 2009 /  #11
Unfortunately that group isn't populated by serious drinkers, but I had stocked plenty so it was all good.

I put the turkey in a couple of sealable plastic bags, poured in a bottle of red wine, and put it in the fridge. I let it sit for a day and turned the bag every few hours. Cooked it for five hours and it was great. Now I've got a pot of turkey stew simmering on the stove.

BTW, you can get goose and duck in Tesco Chelm.

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