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Fab Forum

11 Sep 2006 /  #1
Hi all. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy this forum even though Im one of those annoying people who is just lurking naughtily in the background reading posts and doing none of the work that makes them so entertaining.

Krysia and Bolo's online flirtation has had me giggling on more than one occassion. Horrible cowardly people like Eddien who use this forum to spew vile bigotry have had me screaming at the keyboard!! I am an Irish woman who has had the pleasure of making friends with a few Poles now living here and find them a welcome addition to this country. The ones I know are hardworking, good fun and have a wicked sense of humour and fit well in to Irish life. As for the language!! What can I say? Either my brain has frazzled from the sometimes excessive amounts of vodka Ive been indulging in or the Polish language is a nightmare of endless consonants and tongue-twisting vowels! Either way my feeble attempts at pronunciation of the few words I do know are a source of hearty amusement for my friends who take great pleasure in hearing me make the least attempt to use the language. So cheers to all of you who post here and thanks for giving me a place to skive off to when I should be working!!
bolo 2 | 304  
14 Sep 2006 /  #2
Thanks Irish :). Waiting for Krysia to come back for more....
Wolfie 10 | 79  
14 Sep 2006 /  #3
Waiting for Krysia to come back for more....

Oh its going to be a long wait Bolo, its killing me with boredom, cant she get on a computer their, surprised you two didnt meet up in Poland.
15 Sep 2006 /  #4
You lot are mad about Krysia how long has she gone for???
bolo 2 | 304  
15 Sep 2006 /  #5
I think and hope she'll be back in a couple of weeks -- provided she doesn't find a better match than me or plg :).
15 Sep 2006 /  #6
Awww hun i am sure you will be able to cope for a couple of weeks x
Wolfie 10 | 79  
15 Sep 2006 /  #7
provided she doesn't find a better match than me or plg

Bolo she has love for you in her heart
15 Sep 2006 /  #8
About polish language, I love it, when I try to listen it, not focused on the words I relly like all these vowels and all. I think Czechs have similar language, I sometimes watch Czechs TV and understand it a bit. Polish language is really hard to learn unlike english, which is way the easiest language, that is why it became international.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
15 Sep 2006 /  #9

I wouldn't say that English is easy to learn. It might not be that difficult for some people, but to become proficient can take years. Think how long it takes for pupils to get ready for the Matura.

English became international for various reasons. None of them are because it's easy.
plg 17 | 263  
15 Sep 2006 /  #10
c'mon i am stupid and i would say English is easy

polish on the other hand is so confusing

and folks don't forget about me and krysia

or should that be krysia and i


it's me and krysia ( in that instance)

anyone needs help with english ask me

as i need help in polish

yestem doskonaƂy w polskim ( i am not)

but i am getting there like a tortoise doing an ultra-marathon
18 Sep 2006 /  #11
Plg me and my friend which visit this forum frequently was thinking about learning polish, everyone says of how hard it is so i think we are now quite intimidated by it.

But i suppose it is a chalenge x
18 Sep 2006 /  #12
sarah - it's probably the hardest language I have every tried to learn - the verbs on their own are difficult, then there's the numbers....mind boggling but I'm getting there...slowly
18 Sep 2006 /  #13
I am useless learning languages anyway - my school forced me to learn German against my will and i found it very very difficult with pronounciations especially with my accent x
18 Sep 2006 /  #14
sarah - I speak French (not very well) and a little Latin (even worse)

You're still young, It should be a lot easier for you to pick it up...x
18 Sep 2006 /  #15
I am deffinatly going to try and learn even a little polish x
Syrena_04 2 | 88  
19 Nov 2006 /  #16

You write beautifully. I encourage you to post more often.

krysia 23 | 3,058  
19 Nov 2006 /  #17
Hey, thanks for digging this post up. I never saw this one...and that was 2 months ago...Hmmmm.
Syrena_04 2 | 88  
19 Nov 2006 /  #18
You're welcome. I hope Irish sees it, too.

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