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Polish Language - Social Sports/Clubs/Newspapers in Melbourne

Pather 1 | -  
4 Jan 2008 /  #1

I am a second generation Polish-Australian but I have no polish language, but would like to know/meet with some expats or people with some polish heritage. I have travelled and lived overseas in Asia, but I have no links with my polish heritage - am a good-keen footballer and work for a Federal Government program.

Am very interested to know who / where there are some club social and sporting to meet with people. I am 33 single, so to make a few new mates for a pint, or make a lady friend or two for language tuition / exchange, I am interested to meet anyone to make some contacts in Melbourne.

If anyone has any knowledge or experience about working / living in Poland as a university teacher, or business/government employee I would be also interested to hear about what it is like to be in Eastern Europe.

I am happy to initially chat here, or via email after an initial contact.

Syrena 7 | 73  
4 Jan 2008 /  #2
Hi Peter, which part of Melbourne are you in? Check out past posts for info on where to hook up with others. A good place to start is the "Dziupla" website - it has one section in english and now often has an english translation for events. There are a few polish clubs around - depends where you are. You could also try polish newspapers but you'd need someone to translate them for you... Good luck with the hunt... PS if i find out any etxra info will let you know...
james23wcr - | 1  
13 Oct 2008 /  #3
Merged: Where can I get Polish newspapers in Melbourne?

Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get a Polish newspaper in Melbourne?

Thanks in advance!
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
13 Oct 2008 /  #4
I am not being smart with you but you can probably get all Polish newspapers on the internet.

I am presuming you want them in the Polish language.
King Sobieski 2 | 716  
13 Oct 2008 /  #5
again, there is a book store in elizabeth street, they will most probably have newspapers as well as books.

otherwise, follow sean's advice and google.
5 Jan 2009 /  #6
You can also visit the Australian-Polish Internet Newspaper, Puls Polonii -

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