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Working in Poznań - competitive salary? (customer service related to languages)

ZiutekzHiszpanii 2 | 2
22 Apr 2019 #1
I'm from Spain and I am looking for a job in Poznań, Poland. I mostly find offers for customer service since I am looking for things related to languages (also checking about teaching spanish). I have a degree in law but I don't find much about it, and long story short I don't give a **** about it and about law.

My problem is that I usually find things with 'competitive salary'. What is the normal (minimum) salary for this jobs, or how much would I need to survive modestly in Poznań?

Also, what are good websites for finding a room in Poznań? I will happily share a flat with people since I'm going on my own
terri 1 | 1,665
22 Apr 2019 #2
At present the customer service jobs is the best you can hope for. Minimum wage applies unless you can negotiate better. You will be lucky to get 3.5K pln gross per month. Search on websites if you can live on this. You cannot teach in proper schools without all the certificates they need, but you can give private lessons, except there are thousands doing that already.

To me you need more research, do not look at this through rose-tinted glasses. Try 'gumtree' to find out costs of rooms.

Home / Work / Working in Poznań - competitive salary? (customer service related to languages)
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