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IT specialist from Turkey, is it possible for me to get work permit?

15 Dec 2014 #1
Hello guys, I'm a computer specialist from Turkey with some work experience. I want to live and work in Poland a lot, experience the life there for something like one or two years. I speak fluent English and Polish. Is it possible for me to get work permit (zezwolenie dla pracy) or how easy it is considering i'm non-eu?

thank you a lot for your sincere advice
terri 1 | 1,663
15 Dec 2014 #2
You must take into account the thousands of Polish IT specialists (with higher qualifications that yours) chasing the same jobs and practically all of them speak English.

Then consider what factors a Polish or a foreign employer takes into account - Polish person - no hassle, non-EU-paperwork hassle.
In order to get a work permit - an employer has to evidence that YOU are the best person for the job rather than a person already in Poland.

If you also speak Turkish (which you don't say in your post and I cannot assume that) then you may have a chance in a call-centre.

Search this forum and the internet and see how much they pay in those and how really satisfying the work in a call-centre is.
Monitor 14 | 1,817
15 Dec 2014 #3
You should come to Poland as a tourist. During that time you should apply to as many job positions as possible (or even send CV earlier with information that you will be in Poland 1 week later). Go to many interviews. Then the company who wants you will apply for your work permit. They have to make special job advertisement and leave it in local job office. If during 1 month nobody applies, you can get work permit. There are many tricks to make sure that nobody applies. For example requiring knowledge of niche technologies, offering very low salary or requiring knowledge of Turkish language.

It takes some time, requires extra effort from the company and the permit you get for this job only.
As to what Terri says it's not so hard to get a job in IT, event for a Turkish person, especially if you're some kind of Senior Programmer.
terri 1 | 1,663
15 Dec 2014 #4
'Some work experience' - did not enlighten me as to the extensive abilities of an IT Senior Programmer.
If that is the case, then surely, anyone writing should state at the beginning...I have 5 years experience as an IT specialist in a multi-national firm'. Words 'some experience' somehow do not give me that feeling.

I wish anyone who has to search for a job nothing but good luck in their search, but sometime 'some work experience' may not be enough.

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