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Study (M.SC microbiology) and part time work in Poland

13 Jun 2010 #1
i would like to apply for the study M.SC(microbiology) but i afraid of part time job as i am english speaking and from Nepal can you answer me what will be the possible way to get the part time job and how much will i earn in a week and what will be the procedure to apply for the studying visa.
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
13 Jun 2010 #2
Your chances are nil, they speak Polish in Poland funnily enough, not English, maybe you should start learning Polish and save up enough money to pay for your studies and your living costs, because getting a part-time job will be impossible, local students will be doing these.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
13 Jun 2010 #3
Quoted for truth.

It's harsh - but I've seen and heard plenty of stories involving Asian students who thought that they could survive here. The ones that did survive are the ones who had rich parents who didn't need to borrow the money for their fees.

how much will i earn in a week

Maximum of 200zl a week. I'd also doubt that you would have any chance of passing microbiology in a Polish university if you work full time on top.
pradip11 - | 1
3 May 2012 #4
Merged: About study and parttime jobs in Poland

Hi am Pradip from a small country Nepal and I am making plan to come there for my future study and I want to know about study condition of Poland and about part time jobs , if I did not get any partime jobs I can not live in poland so please provides good and true reply for it , hope you will understand my feeling, thank you.

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