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Speaking Foreigner Languages Job in Poland = CUSTOMER CARE

gleite 6 | 38
28 Jan 2010 #1
Hi everyone,

I am posting this subject, because I am aware that foreigners are welcome in Poland, whenever they can be utilized as a bridge between clients and companies in order to optimize their customer care service....

Any comments?

Guess no one would like to try something different in Poland?
przemek79 - | 12
30 Jan 2010 #2
Maybe in big corporations there are people interested in arranging foreigners for "a bridge" beween them and some key customers. Currently in International commerce there are Polish people speaking English. They are educated well (mostly) and this English language level is enough to care about customers, in addition they have no problem to contact in Polish with other employees in a company.
OP gleite 6 | 38
3 Feb 2010 #3
Thought I might find interested people so I can tell the job vacancies....

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