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What salary can be asked at IBM Poland?

22 Feb 2017  #61

Which company you got the offer from? You can call me on +91 8007999121
amaksoud - | 1
26 Mar 2017  #62

I've roughly 16 years of experience in the IT field and negotiation is on going with IBM Wroclaw.

They have not offered any package yet and they want me to get back to them with my expectations.

I'm currently earning around 2150 EUR/month net.

Few points to note,
1- I own a home over here ( I don't pay rent)
2- I own a car. ( I only pay for the fuel, which is very cheap (0.21 EUR/liter, Octane 92 or 0.36 EUR/Liter Octane 95)
3- Cost of living here is much less than Poland, specially when it comes to food (a Mac meal costs around 3EUR)

What do you guys think that I should ask for?
SpaceTraveler - | 2
6 May 2018  #63
I've seen a half dozen negative comments about IBM's typical salary offer. Are there other companies in Poland that are known to pay in the mid to high range?
30 Jan 2019  #64

Do you know how much are they offering now for a 15 years mainframe sysprog?
saimuralimtech - | 2
8 Feb 2019  #65

Regarding Salary Required

Hi Guys ,

I have attended interview with IBM POLAND Wroclaw location .
Can you please help me what would be the best salary to get in Wroclaw .
I am in System Admin - IT and have 13 years of experience .
I have 1 kid and wife who would also live with me there in POLAND .

Any help would be really helpful for me to quote and take a decision .

terri 1 | 1,612
9 Feb 2019  #66
The fact that you have a wife or a girlfriend and one child or 5 children is irrelevant to the salary that the firm will offer.

Look on the internet for reviews of the firm and how much they pay. In my view ask for 15K pln gross per month. They will offer you 12K pln.
saimuralimtech - | 2
9 Feb 2019  #67
Yes agree . The firm is never going to bother regarding my family and the offer . May be I drafted the question wrongly . Thank you very much Terri . Your Answer helps .

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