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Work in Rzeszów, Poland - your experience

cosy 1 | 1
14 Oct 2012 #1
Hello everyone

I'd like to ask you if it's hard to get a job as a native speaker in rzeszów ? I'm talking also about private lessons. Is it hard to start working here ?

Yes, I'm polish :)
Orpheus - | 114
14 Oct 2012 #2
Your questions are very confusing. What do you want to teach?
You appear to say you are a native speaker of Polish. Am I wrong?
Am I right in thinking that you are a British person with Polish parents who wants to get a job teaching English in Poland?
You'll need to provide a little more information if you want concrete advice.
OP cosy 1 | 1
15 Oct 2012 #3
Ok, I'll clarify what I had in mind.

My girlfriend who's native english is about to move to Rzeszów in a near future. She's a teacher, has a CELTA accreditation and provides ESL and private tuition (also for polish living in UK).

I'd like to ask if finding a job as a native english teacher or giving private english lessons here in Rzeszów would be a big problem / would provide reasonable income.

Thank you a lot for all your answers.


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