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Researcher at a University in Poland - job information

1 Jun 2016 #1

I am a bit curious about the current situation of researchers at university in Poland for personal matters. I found on this forum a topic about "full professor" but I didn't find the answers I was looking for.

I also read the following very interesting article:

Unfortunately, I don't know anybody in my field (maths) in Poland to ask these kind of questions and I would like to know if the figures (salary, employment,...) showed in the link below are still holding, especially for adjunct since I "only" have a PhD and no tenure position yet.

It would also be interesting if someone could tell me more about the job, like, the number of hours you teach, if there is any pressure to publish as many papers as possible, how much bureaucracy, etc... and, more generally, what you like or dislike.

Thank you for your help !
Merc80s - | 2
11 Jun 2016 #2
Being a professor in Poland is a decent retirement job but you won't make much money. I've heard of professors making even as little as 1000 EU a month at very known polish unis.
OP Newcomer
17 Jun 2016 #3
Thanks for the reply.
Indeed, 4000 Zl/month might not be realistic to support a family there...

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