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Is it possible that a Moroccan get a job in Poland?

28 Nov 2017 #1
Hi, Im an expat working in Indonesia. I recently got a job offer from Poland and decided to move.

My problem is, my girlfriend from Morocco who I met in IND. She is being glad to my new opportunity but also depressed by this new sudden change. Yesterday I suggested her to try to look for jobs in Poland. Im going to help her living cost until she settles out, if she wants to follow me. Because, she is a really nice person regardless of our relationship. But Im not sure that she can get a job in Poland.

She worked as a hotel manager before, and now working as an English teacher. Her major is something like tourism management. She can speak English(Advanced), Arabic(Native), and French(Native). She doesnt have any certificate yet, but studying hard for TESOL.

Is it possible that she can get a job in Poland without difficulty? She wants to work in English teaching or hotel industry. Thanks!
28 Nov 2017 #2
Her biggest asset may be French. Go to and search for "French" to see the type of jobs she could do (typically customer service).
cms 9 | 1,255
28 Nov 2017 #3
A good place to ty might be the Moneygram SSC in Warsaw or a similar SSC. her French and Arabic would be a good asset so they might be prepared to go through the hassle of getting a work permit
DominicB - | 2,709
28 Nov 2017 #4

Teaching English is not possible because she is not a native speaker of English. Any teaching jobs for non-native speakers would go to Poles.

Working in a hotel is unlikely because she doesn't speak Polish. Any jobs would go to Ukrainians.

Working in a call center or data-entry (SSC) is a long shot. EU residents get priority for those jobs. Arabic is not in much demand, and French is not a high-demand language. Another problem is that these jobs pay rather poorly, and it is difficult to get work permits for low-paying jobs. Again, EU residents get priority.

She can try, but I wouldn't hold my breath. If your coming to Poland is contingent on her accompanying you, it would be wise to make alternative plans.
cms 9 | 1,255
28 Nov 2017 #5
In fact there is w strong demand for French speakers. I have tried on several occasions to recruit them and the pool is very small.

Not only are they needed in almost all ssc businesses but the French are also he third biggest investors here and big French corps are prominent in pretty much every sector.
LongTermR 1 | 37
28 Nov 2017 #6
Life will be difficult for you as a Moroccan
19 Dec 2017 #7
Poland loves King Mohammed the 6th and will do anything for him, they don' declare it but they will shall provide to him secretly... so you're definitely going to have a great time!

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