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I want to move to Poland (but of course we need to find a good job)

22 Nov 2006 #31
I'm emigrating to Poland, because my living standard improves vastly.
At present I work in London and everything is expensive, the air is dirty. I don't really like English women (sorry but my opinion), the Uk is currently going through a massive identity crisis, multiculturalism etc

in Poland these issues have not yet occurred and probably will not, hurray.
Meanwhile in Polska, I can swan around, play golf, go to the gym, see some footie, eat out, go party and still have change.
One night out in London sets me back at least £200, so therefore Polska is by my mind cheap. As for work, well i can return to the UK for the odd contract each year and thats it I'm sorted. I may teach, may work for an employer in Poland but if not no sweat.
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
22 Nov 2006 #32
Yep its you, Hey Casper :) so did you set a wedding date yet?? lol

I still remember :)
22 Nov 2006 #33
looks like sometime this summer I hope. But at present just one step at a time. I'm hoping that we shall have moved to Poland by the end of march, time to set up shop (literally).
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
22 Nov 2006 #34
how sweet, your getting there, BTW Ive been able to view the other forum and read
some of those posts you put out there, have to say, good ole Casper, you had me
LMAO dude. to funny. your G/F is Lucky, cant find all of the above in one man :)

ok back to the board :) good to see you again. hope you will hang out for a while
lots of interesting stuff going on in here :)

23 Nov 2006 #35
Thanks P very sweet of you to say so. Its also nice to see someone appreciating my sic humour. I think i'm gonna keep posting here as well.
3 Dec 2006 #36
To ukpolska etc

No trouble finding work eh! So why four jobs? Got a pesel number have you? Pay those boring taxes? All work and no play ....
3 Dec 2006 #37
That's one of the reasons I left the UK (the fat British girls that is).

I aint FAT!!
im a petite size 6-8 slim build northern england female --- and not all british women are FAT!!!
15 Jan 2007 #38
I do really need advice, As I do want to move to Poland, As i have meet new guy who is from poland, We'r so madly in love with each other, have been together for an year, I have 2 little kid which is not belong to him but he does love us all which is good, But I'm deaf actually, do get Incapaitiy Benefits for being deaf and benefits for kids, Went in to ask for advice, said i can go live in Poland for temporary to see if i like it but my benefit will be stopped after 26 weeks if still in poland, So will i be able get benefits in poland for me and kids, As I know it's impossible to get job in poland cos i cant speak polish as i do write and sign polish very well but talk as polish nope!!

Benefits agency said i will need to talk to polish embassy but problem is how can i get contact to them to find more info's . It's madness!!! All i want to be with my guy and live in poland as happy!!!! .. PLease any good advice as i would be so happy Thanks!!
15 Jan 2007 #39
From what I understand UK diability is transferable as you mentioned and it would be at the UK rate for the first 26 weeks. Well it would be rude to ask what you receive but what ever it is per week, say £150 (I',m guessing), then you would be earning more than the average Pole for half a year and with sensible money management you would be able to survive happily for the first year.

However, I doubt that the Polish rate of benefit would be very generous, perhaps soemthing to look into. Secondly is your partner in a decent position to gain decent employment in Poland? If he is earning well in the UK, with the benefits you receive you guys are probably proportionally better of. Again this is speculation so please don't take offence if I'm missing the point or something.

You should write to the Embassy send it registered mail and ask them what they reckon. Its all EU these days so in theory EU citizens can move anywhere and claim benefits. Obviously there are restrictions but if you pose these questions you shall surely receive an answer.
15 Jan 2007 #40
punch your boss on the nose at the beginning of April get fired

If you get fired or sacked from a job you are not entitled to JSA (job seekers allowance or Income Support) as technically you cost yourself a job.

Bear that in mind before you do the extreme..
but thanks on pointing it out Giles
15 Jan 2007 #41
good point, get your boss to punch you...
PoznanMan - | 9
14 Aug 2007 #42
Poland's biggest problem is that nobody cares enough to get off there arses and actually do anything to make this a better country to live in.

I think everyone will agree with me when I tell you that you are speaking out of your arse.. and that really you should just **** off.

I may teach, may work for an employer in Poland but if not no sweat.

Absolutely right.. spot on. You can even afford to fly back and forth at weekends.. whatever for I don't know..because UK stuff is crap. Moved here 16 years ago..never looked back. it is quicker for me to take a plane from Poznan to London than any train to anywhere in UK ..and cheaper !!!!!!

Get a life.. look at the big picture :-)

31 Aug 2007 #43
hi my name is alison . i m BRITISH citizen i like to live in POLAND without working. i ve got my own company in UK. I just worried about residency in POLAND without working. is it possible to live in POLAND for BRITHISH citizen .
plk123 8 | 4,148
31 Aug 2007 #45
if you don't have to be tied down why not just check out hte world?
Polish Dweller
1 Sep 2007 #46
It's no problem to live here. I have been here for 3 years and I do not work.

Already checked out the world, prefer to live in Poland. Only 3 other English people in my area and I hardly ever see them. I do not speak Polish except for the basics but its easy to get by.
Polish Dweller
1 Sep 2007 #48
Last visit to the UK was 18 months ago, went for 5 days, wanted to come back to Poland after two days. I have no wish to return to the UK, even for a visit.
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510
1 Sep 2007 #49
got back to the uk on thursday morning to be reminded exactly what a sh*thole it is... can wait to leave again
sapphire 22 | 1,241
1 Sep 2007 #50
some of us like it here in good old blighty
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510
1 Sep 2007 #51
and some dont know any better
Polish Dweller
1 Sep 2007 #52
I am older and wiser sapphire, I know what will happen in England (oopppsss, sorry!!!, I mean Britain, forgot that England no longer exists) over the next few years. Let me know if you still feel the same way.
Lady in red
1 Sep 2007 #53
know what will happen in England

You are making things sound as if they are dire in the whole of the UK. Well, they're certainly not where I am and I would imagine there's a lot of other places in the UK that are in the same position.

Whether you are older or wiser (your words) doesn't make you a clairvoyant,lol.......

I'm with Sapphire on this one........I guess it depends where you stay in the UK !!

szkotja2007 27 | 1,498
1 Sep 2007 #54
I guess it depends where you stay in the UK !!

I know I am biased but the Highlands of Scotland take some beating.
I remember reading a discussion on these forums about who had the nicest house while from my window I was watching someone land a 12lb salmon out of the river.

Depends how you measure quality of life.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
1 Sep 2007 #55
i like to live in POLAND without working.

You are not alone.
Lady in red
1 Sep 2007 #56
Depends how you measure quality of life.

Absolutely. I totally agree 100% with you on that one.

1 Sep 2007 #57
You are not alone.

yeah! Sign me up too!!
Michal - | 1,865
1 Sep 2007 #58
I was in Portsmouth today and the place is full of Poles. If Poland is so nice and their future is so guaranteed then why have 400,000 decided to up and leave? There must be something well and truly wrong with the place!
1 Sep 2007 #59
There must be something well and truly wrong with the place!

nothing wrong with the place michal

just they want to earn more than what wages are in Poland currently and therir government have already stated it would take upto 10 years to have western wage standards in Poland.

Doncaster has a pop. of approx 300,000 people and about 5-7,000 unofficial figures are Polish ... but we have Russians ... Czechs ... Slovaks .. Kosvans ... Albanians ... Indians ... Muslims ... Chinese .. Mongolians ... English ... all living here

so rather diverse in my opinion.

But i aim to move to Poland in next couple of years anyways .... and just come here for holiday and family/friends :P
1 Sep 2007 #60
But i aim to move to Poland in next couple of years anyways .... and just come here for holiday and family/friends :P

hope u will be my neighbour soon :)
Then we wont chat anymore but just talk over the fence!

Home / Work / I want to move to Poland (but of course we need to find a good job)
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