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Jobs in Poland - when do employers hire workers from abroad?

a girl
17 Mar 2015 #1

Just wondered what makes an employer hire a person from abroad, not Poland....? Without a certificate? How likely is it that i will be hired from an online contact, having the job i was offered, still secured, once i've arrived.....?

One offer i saw, was 4000 PLN in Krakow, is it realistic and worth applying for...?

Hiw is the possibilities to get a normal-payed job, in Polish bigger cities a la Krakow, Lodz, warssawa etc....?

I have so far worked in customer service and seasonal/ summer jobs. I know how to use different OP systems in computers but i aint no IT expert nor studied it... So what is it exactly that would make me worth hiring in Poland for a considerable wage or is it even a thing to consider or should i just try another country instead.....?(what country??? :P)


17 Mar 2015 #2
Are you allowed to work in Poland? Do you have an EU or Polish passport? If not, you may still get hired, but it would be an 'informal' job contract (ie. employer would have to pay you cash and he would risk doing so). Constructions jobs are more 'popular' to get hired without a contract (there are many Ukrainians or other workers from Eastern Europe working in construction jobs in Poland without legal permits; it's still illegal though).
9 Oct 2018 #3
Hi is there any recruitment agencies in UE that will hire filipino workers? Housekeeping at a hotel or factory worker?

Thank you

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