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Job offer in Poland and signing contract on first day of work?

mokasha 3 | 18
16 Apr 2017 #1

I got a job offer from a multinational company in Wroclaw, and currently their relocation vendor is preparing the work permit for me which I will take after that, along with an invitation from the company, and apply for the VISA. My question is, I asked about the contract signing date and they told me it will be on the first day (the on-boarding day). My question is, if I get the work permit and the VISA... I will be a little bit concerned about quitting my current job without signing the contract yet...or is this the normal process for hiring foreigners? shall I ask the employer to send me a copy of the signed contract before I travel?
16 Apr 2017 #2
From what my Russian friend tells me, you have to stick with the same employer during your time in Poland otherwise when you quit, you will have just 21 days to find a new job.

If you do not have a contract yet, you do not have a real job offer now do you, and that is just common sense.

I am very glad to have an EU passport sometimes.
OP mokasha 3 | 18
16 Apr 2017 #3
Thanks for you response, I'm still in my home country, haven't travelled yet...I'm asking if its okay to travel and sign the contract on my first day at work ?
17 Apr 2017 #4
I don't know. Contact the Polish embassy in your local country.

Have some common sense and ask the right people.
terri 1 | 1,664
17 Apr 2017 #5
Make sure that you have your contract ready to sign and your working visa before you give notice to your old job. If there is a problem with your visa, you may not get it...and then you will be stuck.

It is usual to sign the contract on your first day or even later as long as you are sure that you have all the other paperwork.

Do not give up your job until you have your work permit and visa.
17 Apr 2017 #6
I found out from my friend today the whole process takes only a month for Russians.

If you are not Russian I would imagine it is still similar unless you come from an absolutely poor unpredictable country thousands of miles away which EU governments tend to be slower and more careful about, and yes I do mean Arab or African countries-not that I shared the moronic views of a number of people on here on that score.

There are probably very different rules for countries further afield I would think. In some EU countries you would simply have to arrive as a student and pay a ******** of money and after a few months you could work, and would be extended indefinitely, but welcome to Poland-they only have a decade or so of anything approaching something to do with an immigration policy.

The process seems much easier for Ukrainians than Belarusians from what I have read in the local media. I have a lot of Belarusian friends and Belarusians are treated very poorly here and in the Czech Republic, probably because of the political State of their country, EU sanctions etc.

If you are from India or Saudi Arabia or something I presume just get your parents to throw money at them. The only people who really move here from those places and certain African nations seem absurdly wealthy to me anyways.
OP mokasha 3 | 18
19 Apr 2017 #7
Thanks for the information. I'm from Egypt, what I know from my friends who are currently working in Poland is that the process usually takes the below:

- 3 weeks to obtain an evidence/approval from Polish Labour Office to hire a foreigner and that no suitable local/Polish candidate has applied for the job

- 2 months to get the work permit after Labour Office approval
- 2 weeks for the VISA
19 Apr 2017 #8
Sounds to me like they want to make it as hard as possible for you then.

How can it be 13 weeks for an Egyptian but 4 weeks for a Russian?
OP mokasha 3 | 18
21 Apr 2017 #9
Was your Russian friend applying for a work permit as a foreigner as well? as far as I know, except for EU and some European counties (maybe Russia is one of them), work permits are needed and it takes the same duration for all nationalities, and regarding making it hard, they don't need to stretch the duration they can simply reject the VISA altogether.
thecodergeek 5 | 31
6 May 2017 #10

I am going through same process . I am too have same concern .

Complete process will take Almost 3 months ( 3 weeks + 6weeks work permit + 2 weeks visa ) . After 3 months when i give notice in my current company i have to serve 3 months notice period . so i can only join after 6 months . Do you think company will wait 6 months for me ??
OP mokasha 3 | 18
7 May 2017 #11
This depends on your company, but I think 3 months is a little bit too much...companies I've seen usually accept 4 to 6 weeks notice period, but at the end it all depends on your future employer in Poland

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