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Find a Job in Poland speaking just English and Spanish

Leon86 1 | -
27 Jul 2013 #1
I'm a Spanish student who just finish his Bachelor in Sport Sciences and Physical Education.

I would like to go to Poland because I want to learn the language and I like Warsaw very much, so I would give it a chance, but I would like to know what can I do to find a job without knowing Polish, I'm willing to learn it, but for the start I'll just know the basics, I don't mind giving Spanish or English classes or working as whatever.

Thanks for help.
LindaWoskalos - | 11
13 Jan 2014 #2
I have a friend from Finland that doesn't speaks polish and he got a nice contract for a private gym here in Poznan. Their main clients are from a Finnish-Swedish company so they wanted a personal trainer with native Finnish.

I think that specialized jobs are well payed but hard to find, nevertheless keep trying!

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