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Electronic invoicing service in Poland for businesses? E-invoices (e-faktury)

2 Jul 2015 #1
Is there some service offering PL businesses e-invoicing for their b2b customers, preferebaly free or on cheap subscription? This is not pdf invoice emails but e invoicing from servers Im after please.
Polsyr 6 | 769
2 Jul 2015 #2
Is there some service offering PL businesses e-invoicing for their b2b customers


preferebaly free or on cheap subscription

Not that I am aware of.
OP eh?
2 Jul 2015 #3
Sorry if seems ridiculous hoping for free or low cost but 2 things: first, seen something similar in the UK and it was for free for low volume 'invoicers', secondly having my margins squezed last couple of weeks by sudden competiton advertizing lower prices than I can currently make meaningfull profit on.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
3 Jul 2015 #4
Is this any use for you?

I think it's what you want, and the price seems reasonable.
OP eh?
3 Jul 2015 #5
Cheers but Im not sure because the blurb about the service is a bit unclear, it seems to say just a 30 days gratis trial and only 3 invoices in that trial 30 days, it does not seem to say 3 invoices every month for free, also not sure it includes efaktura in that, please have a read of the polish: ,,Konto darmowe (0 PLN/miesiąc)

Darmowe konto umożliwiające testowanie Programu do Księgowości przez 30 dni i wystawianie do 3 faktur miesięcznie.''
Seems to say 3 invoices in the 30 days trial and thats all. So not sure..?
3 Jul 2015 #6

You need to search for a B2B e-procurement site .pl you will find what you need there
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
3 Jul 2015 #7
Is this not what you need?

Program do Fakturowania (9 PLN netto/miesiąc) Usługa umożliwiająca wystawianie nieograniczonej liczby faktur i korzystanie z zaawansowanych funkcji Programu do Fakturowania.

I'm guessing this is useless? -
OP eh?
3 Jul 2015 #8
Dziekuje to both the recent posters above, I shall check those out :)
Moonlighting 31 | 234
22 Jul 2018 #9

Which software to make invoices on MacOSX compliant with Polish requirements


Due to the recent changes, I can't make invoices the way I was used to for the past 9 years: using a simple word processor. Business owners must now use a specific application which can produce JPK_FA data.

I need such an application which runs on MacOSX, allows me to make invoices either in Zloty or Euro (intra-communautary transaction) depending on my client's origin, and as a consequence I must be able to specify either bank account informations on the invoice for the customer to make a transfer (optionally should manage VAT split payments).

Can you recommend something ?
I'd like to avoid having to use Windows just for that if possible, and I don't want a cloud-based app.

delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
22 Jul 2018 #10
If it wasn't for OSX, I'd suggest the Ministry's own programme -

But in light of that - what about this? - it supports OSX. Or - if you are willing to consider something cloud-based, will do the job for 50zł a year. I use it and I can recommend it.

Split payments aren't anything to worry about, as it's the sender that deals with it through their bank. You actually shouldn't specify any split payment information according to the Ministry.

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