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What is deducted from a salary in Poland apart from Income tax?

6 Dec 2016 #121
Thanks a lot for the info Terri. My salary is around 156000PLN per annum and I see a difference of 7359PLN annually in the net if I opt for joint declaration for married couple. There is a clause mentioned in the site stating:

Joint declaration for married couple - check it when you've decided to have a joint declaration (it's not mandatory).
Important: if only one of partners works (the other one has no income), then the results displayed here will be perfectly correct. But if both partners work, then the net salary displayed by this calculator will be not fully accurate (the real net salary will be slightly lower than displayed here). This calculator is not able to correctly compute net salary for two working partners.

Based on the above information I wanted to understand if this is also applicable for cases where only one member in the family is earning and the partner has no income.

Also from the information you provided the second child will get 500 PLN tax exemption per month, right?

Request your help on this.
terri 1 | 1,663
6 Dec 2016 #122
It is NOT a tax exemption. You have to make a claim and then you will get 500 pln monthly paid into your bank account.
In your case, I would make a joint declaration, as you will benefit from that.
8 Dec 2016 #123
So...if spouse is not working...still we can have a joint declaration...calculla shows a significant increase in netto for joint declaration..
Also..where to have this joint declaration...will the employer consider it..or we need to declare separately somewhere...

In my case the gross per month is 15260 pln...
terri 1 | 1,663
8 Dec 2016 #124
You have to get the correct form from the Tax office. This needs to be completed. Sometimes you may ask the employer or someone more familiar with the forms to help you with it. Tax year runs from 1st Jan to 31st Dec - forms to be completed as soon as possible after that.

You have to make a claim for the child at the Town Hall - someone should be able to help you
25 Jan 2017 #125
Hello everybody!
I have a question from a bit another side. As a foreign employer who wants to establish the company in Poland. I would really appreciate If someone could explain me the difference between gross salary and cost for the employer. For example, if gross salary is 1000Euro (4370pln?), what is the real cost for the employer? (It differs, If I did understand everything in right way...)

Thanks in advance for the answer!
14 Jun 2017 #126
Hi, I have got offer from my company to relocate to Lodz, Poland, Currently I am earning 102000/m gross in India and from that I save around 50K/ month.

My company is offering me 6000 PLN after tax (insurance, housing they will do). I am into marketing with 8 year experience and relocating to develop European market.

With family of 3, my wife and son 2 years old how much can be household expenses/ month for food only, I Understand leisure activities cannot be taken in account as it depends person to person. Just want to have idea how much I can save with this much salary.

Further I googled that private schools are very expensive; BIS ,and polish schools don't use English as medium, is that true.
Can my wife work in Poland, She has teaching experience and degree in india.
terri 1 | 1,663
14 Jun 2017 #127
Everything depends on your 'perceived' standard of living. There are thousands of people (2 adults and child) who survive on much less. However, they are locals, have family connections, speak the language and can find cheaper alternatives. You do not have any of these.

I would be very careful to have a clear signed contract as to what the company will pay for.

Your wife will NOT be able to find any work as a teacher. Currently, over 6,000 teachers are being told that they have no job, a further 10,000 are being told to work part time. Your wife does not have any qualifications/experience to be offered any jobs.
DominicB - | 2,707
14 Jun 2017 #128

First of all, you have to take your total travel and relocation expenses for you and your family to and from Poland, divide it by 12, and deduct that from your monthly income. This includes airfare, travel expenses to and from airports, including hotel stays if applicable, visas and residency permits. This money has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is your first years income in Poland. For three people, that will be around 1000 PLN a month, perhaps a little more.

Food and sundry regular household expenses for a foreign family of three: 1500 to 2500 PLN a month. More if you eat, drink or snack away from home a lot. Less if you make all your food at home from cheap, local ingredients that the locals eat: pork, chicken, bland fish (pollock and Vietnamese catfish) potatoes, cabbage, onions, carrots, macaroni, and bread. Beef and better fish are expensive, and lamb and seafood are expensive and difficult to find. Quality and selection of fruits and vegetables is very poor compared to India, and they are quite expensive out of season. You'll be able to find spices and a few Indian items in the largest cites or online, but many of the things you take for granted cannot be bought here.

Clothing in Poland is expensive, and you will have to buy winter clothing. Children's clothing and any items for children are very expensive. Daycare for the child can cost 500 PLN a month or more. A good English medium school is extremely expensive and you will not be able to afford that. You will have to send your child to a low quality English medium school or to Polish school. Yes, they do not speak English in Polish schools and your child will receive very little help unless he learns Polish well.

Your wife will not be able to find any work in Poland. At all. Not even cleaning toilets. There are very few Indian women in Poland, a couple hundred in the whole country of 38 million, so she will have extreme difficulty meeting other Indian women of the right caste/clan/class to socialize with. And unless she speaks Polish, she's going to have a hard time meeting Polish people to socialize with. There is no Indian community in Poland, even in the capital city. Most of the few Indians here are single young men who stay for a year or two and move on. The rest are predominantly male students.

You are going to have to spend money, and quite a bit of it, to keep your wife entertained and occupied. Otherwise she is going to go stir-crazy and want to go back for costly visits to India, which you cannot afford on what you are making. Winter is probably going to depress the hell out of her. It's not at all like London where there are a lot of things for an educated Indian woman to do. Without knowing Polish, she will be handicapped in her choice of activities. Even shopping will be difficult, and more expensive.

It will take you and your wife several years to learn even the basics of Polish. It's a complicated language that is not at all similar to English.

As for savings, you're definitely not going to be able to save 50 K a month like you are now. You'd have to be very frugal and lucky to save 20 K, and probably a lot less, or even nothing at all.

All of this is assuming that your employer is paying 100% of the cost of your housing for the duration of your stay. That includes rent, administration fees, and all utilities. If you have to pay any of these costs, then your expenses per month will exceed your income. And woe unto you should you not be happy with the accommodation the employer provides. You would have no choice by to get on the plane back to India.

Bottom line, if you are able to save 50 K in India, then you are now way better off than if you would take this job in Poland.
14 Jun 2017 #129
hi terri

thanks for your input,
company will pay for house rent, utilities, health insurance, and car if they will keep.
'can you please put some light how much can food expenses if we cook own food, you can consider as normal lifestyle, and moreover we are veggie.

how much can I save with this ,

As she can speak English so can she find any other type of job :
Further I don't want to survive there, but earn and save as much I can, because I had put up my saving in india already which is good w.r.t conditions about 800USD, so want to ask if 6000zl is good or should I ask more in genuine aspects
terri 1 | 1,663
14 Jun 2017 #130
Your wife will NOT be able to find ANY type of jobs. As written above, NOT even cleaning toilets. You must take into account the fact that there are very FEW coloured people in Poland. The fact that she speaks English has NOTHING to do with it. She cannot even give private lessons as no one will come for them.

In Krakow on my last trip (lasting 5 weeks) 1 saw one Afro-American, and 3 Indian people in the whole time I was there.
You can find the cost of food and other items by googling them. Also remember that you have to buy not only food, but cleaning products, washing products, toiletries, baby things. Please read carefully the post above. Please do not keep asking the same questions.

Also remember this - once you have committed yourself to being in Poland, you may find that you want to leave within the first month.....
DominicB - | 2,707
14 Jun 2017 #131
Also remember this - once you have committed yourself to being in Poland, you may find that you want to leave within the first month.....

If you are able to save 800 USD a month now in India, and saving money is a prime concern for you, and not just surviving until you find work in the UK, there is little point in coming to Poland in the first place for the wages offered. It would take a huge raise to justify the move. The formula I use for a mid-career foreign worker is at least 5000 PLN a month for a single male, 2500 PLN for a wife, and 1500 PLN per child PLUS cost of school/daycare, which can be up to 4000 PLN a month per child in a good school, PLUS the amount you want to save or send back home per month. 800 USD is about 3000 PLN, so you can see that you will not be able to save anywhere near 800 USD on the amount of money you will be earning. You might not be able to save anything at all. And you will not be able to afford accommodation anywhere if you are not satisfied with the accommodation your employer provides.
14 Jun 2017 #132
hi DominicB

First of all, you have to take your total travel and relocation expenses for you and your family to and from Poland, divide it by 12, and deduct that from your monthly income

That company will be bearing + they will be providing 1 return/ year on their expense.

Food and sundry: noted, that was the thing I wanted to know, which is quite high compared to INDIA and my wife cannot find a job.

Also want to know do utilities provided houses give utensils also or we have to buy that additional.
DominicB - | 2,707
14 Jun 2017 #133

The thing that I would be scared of the most is employer-provided accommodation. God only knows what that entails. It could be a nice apartment, or it could be totally not to your satisfaction. Who knows? If you and your wife decide that you would rather live elsewhere, you will not be able to because you cannot afford it.

As to having to buy utensils and bedclothes, you probably will. Sometimes these things come included, but usually don't.

Yes, the cost of living for you and your family will be quite a bit higher for you as foreigners in Poland than as Indians in India. There is no way that you will be able to live as cheaply as the locals because you do not know the language and do not have a network of family and friends to help you.

Even with the travel reimbursement taken into account, it is going to be hard for you to live and save at the same level you now do so in India. Forget about Poland and focus on finding work in richer countries where savings potential is much higher. Don't rely on the internet or "recruiters". "agents" or "consultants". Expand and exploit your network of real-world contacts in your field, especially those who work or have worked in richer countries. The best jobs are advertised solely by word of mouth, face to face in the real world. Internet job sites and "recruiters" get the table scraps, the low-paid, lousy jobs that no one in the know wants.
11 Jul 2017 #134
I have got an offer of 28500 PLN gross per month based out of krakow. What would be my take home after deductions? Is it good enough to lI've comfortably with decent savings?
jon357 74 | 21,930
11 Jul 2017 #135
Yes, it's a very good salary indeed, more than most company directors and senior doctors get. You'll find a salary calculator earlier in the thread.
29 Jul 2017 #136
Your year of experience plz?
31 Jul 2017 #137
I have 11 years of experience.
Jony - | 1
18 Nov 2017 #138
Hi, guys,,, i work in Poland and i got a job contract 2000zl each month. But the problem my boss cut from my salary 952zl each month and told me its my tax what i should pay... I am really disappointed how is possible that he cut 952zl each month.. So i get paid 1148zl after tax... Unfortunately i don't speak Polish and i can't understand about it.... Is there someone who can explain me about it? Please
kaprys 3 | 2,249
18 Nov 2017 #139
It's not possible. You should get around 1500 zł net according to same online calculators. (Tax+ ZUS deducted). Unless you were off sick for a whole month. I guess ...

How did you get paid?
DominicB - | 2,707
18 Nov 2017 #140

Something is seriously wrong there. It would be best if you talk with an older, experienced Polish friend about that.
22 Nov 2017 #141
Hello all,

I have an offer in Poland near Wroclaw and monthly gross salary is around 23000 PLN. Type of contract will be as a contractor. Who is able to tell me what are the taxes / fees that I have to pay monthly? I have asked a Umbrella Company to make me a simulation and I have: 1745 PLN (Umbrella company fee) + 852 PLN (social security) + 3538 PLN (income tax) so I will remain with around 16000 PLN net income. Is this realistic and OK for living in Poland? Moreover I will like to know details about what social security means. Jobs as contractor are OK for Poland. Is it necessary to apply for a international private heath insurance?

Thank you
cms 9 | 1,255
23 Nov 2017 #142
You can live handsomely on that amount.
Not sure what the umbrella company fee is but if someone is taking 10percent of your cash for finding you a job that does not seem great.

The social security payments entitle you to health and pension benefits in Poland - you cannot reclaim the money when you leave so rather just mentally tear it as an extra tax (the amount looks wrong by the way, so ask your employer to recheck it)
26 Nov 2017 #143
Hello, can anyone tell me how much will cost the services of an accounting company if I'm working as Contractor in Poland?

Umbrella company fee is referring to the tax that I must pay each month for a company which will help me to open a company in Poland and also monthly will take care to have all the taxes paid.

terri 1 | 1,663
26 Nov 2017 #144
...I got a job contract 2000zl each month. But the problem my boss cut from my salary 952zl each month and told me its my tax what I should pay...

It all depends on the type of contract you are employed on and whether you are an employee of his, or have your own business.. Ask your boss, if not go to the authorities and ask them.
cms 9 | 1,255
26 Nov 2017 #145
Well that is a very high cost Andrei - most small accountants would charge about 200 zloty for a simple service like that.
27 Nov 2017 #146
Thank you a lot for the info. Any real estate agencies suggestion? I was not able to find many and moreover no properties for rent near Walbrzych.
polishinvestor 1 | 361
28 Nov 2017 #147
Use or Both sites have an option where you can choose between properties for rent and those for sale. Walbrzych is a pretty cheap city as far as living costs are concerned in relation to the big cities. If you want cheap, you should easily be able to find a 50m flat for less than 1000zl/m plus bills if you try hard enough.But consider paying a bit more as you'll get a few more comforts and more importantly better neighbours, giving you peace and quiet when you are at home.
8 Dec 2017 #148
if I get the 4000 PLN in a month , how much tax I have to pay or deducted from salary
15 Aug 2018 #149
Sir am going to get 6500 pln grass then how much I will get after tax
mohammed mosin
4 Nov 2018 #150
1000 euros is what ive been offered , supervisor role, what will be my income tax ?

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