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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Jobs in Krakow, Poland

RDK_21 1 | 1
19 Jan 2016 #1
Hello All,

I will be moving to Krakow in March. Just wanted to check how is the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) job market there ? How seriously the corporate are taking this ?
Looker - | 1,102
21 Jan 2016 #2
Read this article about CSR in Poland:

In 2000 the idea of a partnership to promote CSR in Poland was initiated by three companies. To date, joint actions within the Responsible Business Forum have been undertaken by over 100 companies.

Here is a detailed report for 2014:

"Responsible business in Poland 2014. Good practices" Report is summary of the activities undertaken by companies, institutions and non-governmental organizations in the domain of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. Report is an abstract of all the events that took place last year in Poland, in regard to these issues.
OP RDK_21 1 | 1
22 Jan 2016 #3
Thanks a lot @looker. It's of great help.


I am moving to Krakow in two months. I would like to know about Corporate Social Responsibility jobs in Krakow, Poland. Please help.

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