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Will Brits working in Poland lose their jobs post Brexit?

dolnoslask 5 | 2,677
23 Jun 2018 #1
Is anyone preparing to gain Polish qualifications or considering a return to Britain.

Revealed: Brussels will stop recognising hundreds of British job qualifications, including dance teachers and gas engineers, in a no deal Brexit - as thousands march demanding a second vote two years after the EU referendum
23 Jun 2018 #2
What of the European citizens with British qualifications ?. I know 2 Polish Guys who trained as Plumbers here and returned to Poland, a Spanish Doctor who earned a diploma in Dermatology too. It's not all about Brits you know, the EU bigotry towards the British is system is disgusting. Nevermind I guess those Polish lads and Spanish Doctors can resit them in Europe, maybe transfer the credits there !!.
OP dolnoslask 5 | 2,677
23 Jun 2018 #3
Yep it could cause problems for plenty of people, as you said not just Brits, will it mean that suddenly people with British qualifications will lose their jobs ? , maybe they will be given a grace period to gain a European qualification, they didn't mention transfer of credits what a fiasco or maybe it's just another lame threat?.
cms neuf - | 1,481
23 Jun 2018 #4
No deal looks the most likely scenario so in that case then mutual recognition of qualifications would stop until they sort something out.

I am not going to get Polish qualifications - can't be bothered with exams at my age, the relevant institutes are basically closed shops and I am almost retired. If it becomes an issue I guess the easiest path will be to get Irish or Maltese qualifications. However I think in the case of most financial qualifications then Cyprus, Ireland and Malta will push to keep cross recognition as otherwise would be very disruptive.

God knows how many British gas fitters there are in Poland !
TheWizard - | 238
23 Jun 2018 #5
The British are giving up any say in the EU. They are not gaining control as per the 1000 lies peddled by the crooks which are ruining their countries, they are totally surrendering all control. The plight of some tradesman is hardly going to matter when 3rd parties are gunning to take business off the uk to the tune of 10s of thousands of jobs and more. Here in Australia we will be going after Uk business and various things which has already started and going through the lists of industries the other day it turns out a lot of those are in areas which voted Brexit and are only alive brcause of Eu subsidies. I only wish they would hurry up and get out so we can take their money sooner. Smart brits are getting other passports and if they are looking ahead they will be fine over seas. I am only one man with a small business but i certainly will not be investing in any uk stuff but as for hireing people from uk i dont see why not and we are expecting a buch of their citizens to be fleeing here soon so as long as our government is ok with their qualification so am i. In some parts of the Eu there may be resentment towards the uk so it could be a problem but seeing old people and morons mainly voted for brexit anyone with teeth and an iq over 100 should be ok.
OP dolnoslask 5 | 2,677
23 Jun 2018 #6
Here in Australia we will be going after Uk business and various things

It has been very interesting to hear your take (as an Australian), on the situation, I think many countries are going to take advantage of the fall out that Brexit will create, sadly it's the British people that will suffer this foolhardy plan.

Glad you are open to taking on fleeing Brits, they are going to need your help.

Me, I am slowly but surely I am taking my money and investments out of Britain and moving them to Europe and the US before the **** hits the fan.

If i'm wrong I will take a small hit in losses due to transfer, If I.m right I will have saved a fortune, I wonder how many are doing the same?
Crow 138 | 8,352
23 Jun 2018 #7
Let them continue to work. Even more.
Dougpol1 32 | 3,296
23 Jun 2018 #8
There's still hope that Brexit in the true sense will not happen. The UK needs the single market. They can only have that with freedom of movement of course, and where stupid to think they could be a special case.

No government will give another referundum, but hopefully there will be a vote of no confidence in May and we can have have a Brexit general election, have a conservative Party insurrection, install Remainers, and let the voters rescue themselves from this economic disaster. The idea that UK quals would be not valid in Europe is ridiculous. But overall Junker and the EU are absolutely right to take a stand on most matters and opportunist Boris is clueless.

Right to move your money out if not British. No deal = tech and finance sector employment crash. That has to worry Poles with expensive UK mortgages. Dangerous times indeed.
cms neuf - | 1,481
23 Jun 2018 #9
I think that's a wise move Dolno - there is a genuine risk of capital and forex controls after Brexit. Even after the referendum that would have been unthinkable but with the govt so weak then you should think about worst case scenarios.
TheWizard - | 238
23 Jun 2018 #10
I only had stuff all in uk and it was buried in share portfolio and frankly i didn't even know until i looked. They were sold. I will not be buying more from companies with any tangible link to the Uk. This all happened because i was reading some of their claims. I started fact checking them. Then i started reading their papers online. I came to the conclusion that it was all made up babble and a massive atrempt at brainwashing which was successful as the facts did not check out. After tgat i looked at you tube and some of the ordinary people making cases for leaving. I fact checked them too and concluded that they have been totally screwed over.

So i thought ok its an immigration thing. The government was spouting how 40000 less eu people came to uk for a certain period. This appeared correct but further research showed the actual numbers stayed similar it's just more people came fron non-eu areas. This was not reported. Overall it appeared i totoal destruction of Uk democracy based on filthy liers and a few paper barons who have hijacked the place into delirium. After that i started looking at the sagging pound sterling, the companies who wanted to leave, the young people who didn't get a vote, the overseas brits who were dumped and didn't get a vote, the areas with massive eu sundidies ( like wales) who voted out, the tories treatment of scotland, the writing on the side of the buses pertaining to their health system and so on so forth.

After that ( a year later ) i flogged my $11000 au of shates based in the uk jist as quick as i could, once i realized where they are. As for hireing some brit....if she or he is here than they probably left because they were smart so no problem. I would not discriminate.
Dougpol1 32 | 3,296
23 Jun 2018 #11
considering a return to Britain.

Anyway, sorry to disappoint you Dolno, but no Brit who is settled here and has paid into the system will be leaving, unless they want to of course. Why would they? All this nationalist talk from the Foreign secretary about "Hard Brexit" just shows his inbreeding. Poles wont be leaving the UK either. Their Polish quals are good enough for Britain - even if your driving test is so **** that it doesn't really prove that a Pole is a good driver, but I digress. In the same way UK quals should be good enough for anybody.

Good luck to those of working age as it's not going to be easy. I'm glad I will be comfortably retired when I go back to Blighty, but it's going to be a lowering of living standards for a lot of people, and all because the British blame it all on foreigners. The lunatics are running the asylum.

Some other poster stated the obvious - that the young voted 65 percent to stay in. They have gained an education and are not nationalist bigots unlike grandad. And all will be well in the long term.The world is a global village and that wont change for most people.
OP dolnoslask 5 | 2,677
23 Jun 2018 #12
in share portfolio and frankly i didn't even know until i looked.

Same thing here I have a SIP that a finance guy looks after I do not have a clue as to how much it has lost or gained since I set it up, my financial adviser wants to meet up to discuss it, I am going to make sure that he shifts the investments to non UK companies just in case , yep I might take a hit but so be it.

As to your synopsis as to what is happening in the uk I have to agree 100% so much bullshit and brainwashing it's crazy, no one knows where they stand.

You sound like a good Ozzie keep it up, take care of the poor Brits when they come over.
TheWizard - | 238
23 Jun 2018 #13
Australian Lithium mining shares are getting hot as more batteries are required. Medical marijuana grown here has gone up 100% in a year and will grow more ( i think in uk they dont uderstand its scientific properties and think its drugs lol). Theres two to look into from down under at your appointment.
OP dolnoslask 5 | 2,677
23 Jun 2018 #14
Thanks for the advice I will look into it.

Funny thing is that when I was young and thought I would be the next Bill Gates I was asked about my risk aversion when I set up my initial pension fund, needless to say that I failed in my mission to match Bill, but in my arrogance I chose the high risk route for the pension (south American investments) Guess what!!!, my investments there gave me the same return as my business ventures, what a hoot, it could easily have gone wrong and I would have lost my shirt'

God knows what I invested in drug cartels?
TheWizard - | 238
24 Jun 2018 #15
And probably kindnapping and extorsion.....we will see how the uk fares a year from now. It should be clear by that time.
OP dolnoslask 5 | 2,677
24 Jun 2018 #16
I still have property friends and family in the Uk, the uncertainty and and this waiting game is a killer, god knows how some business people are feeling at the moment, what do they do,?, from what I hear is things have stagnated because of their fear of making UK investments when their markets maybe closed off to them in the future.

The government is doing nothing to help this situation, its as if someone has pressed the pause button.

Jaguar / landrover have already said their new plants will be in Europe, Airbus have said they will be going that's 110,000 jobs.

Poles and other EU migrants may start leaving Britain causing skill shortages that may further damage British industry. as for the financial markets if they start leaving the UK then that's the majority of UK GDP out of the window

Britain is in danger of going Bono Bongo living on handouts from America and the EU.
Chemikiem 6 | 2,116
24 Jun 2018 #17
@ Dolno, that link you supplied goes to a different page. It's about the 100,000 who marched yesterday in favour of a second referendum. Here is the link to the correct article:

To be honest I think it's too early to speculate. Not recognising UK qualifications would only happen in a no deal scenario and I don't think anyone really wants that. It's all 'ifs' and 'buts' at the moment, but admittedly time is getting on and I would be really surprised if the Article 50 process is completed on time and the vote approved or not by October.

To be honest it's like the blind leading the blind, this government is clueless and inept.
TheWizard - | 238
24 Jun 2018 #18
If i was there i would be selling property because its sold in pound sterling and putting the money into us or euro and getting the hell out and buying property elsewhere. But that's just me.
Crow 138 | 8,352
17 Oct 2019 #19
Brits think they are wise. Like rats. Abandoning ship that sink. But one can hardly say who would sink deeper, EU or Britain. Its a death race.

Poles and other Slavs, save yourself from that madness that goes to damnation and get back to Slavic world !
Miloslaw 7 | 3,079
17 Oct 2019 #20
But one can hardly say who would sink deeper, EU or Britain. Its a death race

It will be EU.
Trust me.

Poles and other Slavs, save yourself from that madness that goes to damnation and get back to Slavic world !

That is not the answer for Poland.
Slavs that are not in The EU have nothing to offer.

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