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Are art and show businesses in Poland centralized?

9 Jul 2019 #1
My country is more centralized than Poland even with 99% of all record labels based in Sofia. However, the most profitable label (Payner) is based and has their recording studios in a town with only 49 061 people. Their TV channel though is based in Sofia. What about Polish recording business and art in general? Is it all in Warsaw?
pawian 187 | 17,844
11 Jul 2019 #2
Each voivodship in Poland, and there are 12, runs their own regional TV channel. They do it in complex TV studios which can also be used to host and record concerts, events, shows etc. I suppose they also do it for musicians. Also, there are independent recording studios in main cities but I can`t tell you about their quality, popularity etc.

Google studio nagraƄ (recording studio) and add a name of a Polish city.

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