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Multinational companies in Warsaw

CH_TI 1 | -
9 Mar 2011 #1
Dear All

does any of you have a list of all the multinational / international companies who established their offices in Warsaw ?
I know that companies such as Microsoft, Intel, etc.. have their finance center in Warsaw. But surely there are many more.

Thanks in advance for your help.

JonnyM 11 | 2,620
9 Mar 2011 #2
Why do you ask?
pgtx 30 | 3,156
9 Mar 2011 #3
some engineering companies also...
Anna Thai
15 Feb 2015 #4
Merged: Names of the biggest international companies in Warsaw - I'm Russian, looking manager job in property business

Good Day, Friends!
I am Russian. I live in Thailand with my 7 years daughter. Both of us speak good English.
Now I am searching stable job place in Warsaw. Recently My daughter and I have visited Poland. Polish language has a lot of similar words with Russian language and I hope it will not big problem for us to study it. And I am sure when you have desire everything is possible :-)

Here in Thailand, Phuket, By my opinion, I have best top-manager position in property business. Our company is oriented 100% for Russian customers. Unfortunately, Russia is in crisis now and it influences on the local property sales market a lot and for sure on my income too.

By my high education I am interpreter of English Technical Language, but I have much more experience in managing of sales department as I do now as well.

I surely want try myself in international companies who cooperates with European countries and Russian market as well. Could you advice some names of the biggest international companies that you know in Warsaw that could be interested to find sales-developing international staff like me.

Thank you All and Good Luck :-)
Monitor 14 | 1,820
15 Feb 2015 #5
I am afraid that you would need to know Polish language too and as you have noticed business with Russia is deteriorating now and companies are not searching for new people with Russian language and market knowledge. Not only in Thailand. But you can take a look at these job adds, maybe you will find something suitable for you:
And meanwhile start sending letters to Putin with complains.
Anna Thai
15 Feb 2015 #6
Thank you for answer. Sure I understand the situation is not so good in Europe too.
Thailand is very limited by three winter months season for business. I try to choose variant where I really could pay for my daughter school and donuts :-)

I wish Peace to All of people, belive Russian does not want war as well as your people what ever you are Monitor. I am not sure I can have political topic here, but I am sure it is all about money from every side :-(
15 Feb 2015 #7
Very few large international companies do NOT have an establishment in Poland; most of them have an affiliate/office in Warsaw. That's the starting point.

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