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Moving from India to Warsaw to study. Need information about Warsaw city, jobs etc.

Honest Pole    
10 May 2016  #31
Polish people are very racist and intolerant so not very likely to hire non whites.

Yup exactly and even if they do hire him he may still face severe bullying and mobbing read this
InPolska 11 | 1,821    
10 May 2016  #32
@Honest: just a few minutes reading PF and we get an idea ;).

Besides how could he get a job? Even to work at a supermarket, at MacDo or even to clean toilets, Polish language is necessary. There is a myth according to which Poles speak English and as a result, a lot of foreigners think they can get jobs. If someone is qualified and speaks a language like English, French or German, they can find jobs (with proper skills of course) with foreign companies but otherwise it is not possible to work in Poland without Polish (common sense).

Coming here for people like the OP would be a disaster so what's the point?
amanpreet singh    
10 May 2016  #33
hey can i move to german from poland on study base? is there any option?
Marsupial - | 912    
10 May 2016  #34
I don't know if you can move but I hope you do.
Honest Pole    
10 May 2016  #35
Poland is a very closed society so not easy for you.

Don't forget that with Poland being a closed society it's often hard to get a job without connections even for Poles let alone foreigners.
nickknock - | 19    
  10 May 2016  #36
Yes, Poland has remained Polish, and not being over run. So if you want a more non European experience, I would recommend all go west. With out of control immigration, in places like Germany and Sweden, in a few decades their indigenous populations will be minorities. IN fact they are putting pressure on Poland to be flooded as well, so you can see how that will add tension to the Polish People. Ones experience depends on you. I am an American and Lithuania, and love it here. I hated London. and Dublin. SO its each to their own.
pritul patel - | 1    
  3 Jun 2016  #37
Merged: i am indian and planned for my master in warsaw. suggest me there current sittuation about Part time job

Hello, i am from india, gujarat. I planned for my master in poland, warsaw. Is there any chance to study with part time job and earn my monthly expense? Is there any indian colony? I don't know polish language, i know english very well, so can i living well in warsaw? I belong from middle class family. Is there any indian restaurant? I know cooking well. Plz answer me.
5 Aug 2017  #38

Looking for Indian friends/Indian travel group in Warsaw, Poland.


I am here in Warsaw, Poland working in IT company and looking for some decent friends interested in exploring the city. Since I am alone here so looking for compatible Indian travellers.
22 Aug 2017  #39

I'm an Indian and recently got an offer from IT company in Warsaw. I am looking for some help and guidance.

Also, any polish help will also be appreciated. :)

sha666 - | 5    
11 Jul 2018  #40

Should I move to Warsaw? University of Warsaw study in PhD level. I am lawyer in Pakistan.

Dear friends please advise me.I am studying in University of Warsaw in PhD level. I got admission when I was in Scotland and I paid one and half year fee from Scotland now I am in Pakistan. In Pakistan I am a lawyer but my practice is not very good. I am confused whether should i move to Poland for remaining period of study and get job there and bear my remaining fee. Please suggest me. Can i bear fee and send some money for living to my family?

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