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Have just moved to Warsaw and need some job advice...

wavesbelow 1 | 4
15 Feb 2010 #1
Hi all,
I'm a Scottish 30 year old and have just moved to Warsaw with my Polish girlfriend . While I don't speak Polish to any great degree (at the moment, pleasantries and functional terms at best), I am learning as quickly as I'm able.

I have experience in I.T. hardware support, having been a Technical Lead at Dell Tech Support and online support having worked for AOL and an online travel booking service; the music industry, having run my own record label; photography, having worked as a freelancer for three years; retail, having worked in music shops and finally, bar work.

I realise that my lack of Polish might hinder me at the beginning in finding work, however, while ideally I'd like to stick to the industries mentioned above, I'm willing to try my hand at most things.

If you feel that I'd be of any use to you, if you know of someone looking for any of the experience above or indeed if you've got any suggestions where I might look for work, I'd be very grateful for any help.

CV and portfolios available on request.

db1874 7 | 227
15 Feb 2010 #2

Welcome to Warsaw, it's not easy for foreigners to find work here in Poland other than teaching English but with your many talents you might have more luck.

You could submit your CV to some of the IT agencies and with your other skills you need to start making contacts, so the expat bars could be a worth a visit - Bradley's etc.
OP wavesbelow 1 | 4
15 Feb 2010 #3
I'll get right on to finding some IT agencies (if anyone has any suggestions of some good ones, pass them on?). Since I arrived here, I've not had a chance to get out an explore the ex-pat bars etc but I'll be doing that soon.

Thank you lots for the initial advice and welcome. It's lovely to be here. I really like this city.
childwithin 8 | 136
15 Feb 2010 #4
there's a company called prokom, they are more about programming i think, but maybe they will be able to direct you? this is the address:
irishdeano 5 | 304
15 Feb 2010 #5
having been a Technical Lead at Dell Tech Support

why dont u travel to LODZ, Dell is based in Lodz its not that far from warsaw your talking about hour or an hour an half by train if you have worked with them before they may happly take you on board
16 Feb 2010 #6

I am a Pole working for American IT software company in Warsaw. Our internal language is English as we mostly work off-site for American customers. So no need to speak Polish at work :) We deliver consulting services to our decision making support software (e.g. we design and deliver business reports and dashboards). It could be something for a person interested in sql, data bases, data modelling and worehousing. If you think you fit in in such IT consulting position write me an email to: I can provide you with more details.
16 Feb 2010 #7
I could be interested in "worehousing" if it is anything like it sounds. Do you screen the girls for disease ahead of time? Get back to me ASAP.
16 Feb 2010 #8
I meant data warehousing of course :) No kidding, this is serious IT business. If you have any interest and/or experience in the mentioned work fields just contact me.
OP wavesbelow 1 | 4
16 Feb 2010 #9
Thank you all for your replies thus far.
Childwithin - I'll have a wee look. Thank you.

Irishdeano - I've ruled out £odz for the time being as while I certainly could work on the manufacturing side, I'd prefer to work on the support side. Apparently Dell UK have a home and small business section outsourced to a company in Warsaw. Friends from my old office are chasing that up for me to see if there might be work for me there. Mind you, as I'm DCSE qualified (Dell's internal certification) I'd be of use to any company that uses Dell systems.

Rom11 - I've emailed you over

If anyone else has any ideas, the more - the merrier. Thanks again guys.
easybabe - | 14
18 Feb 2010 #10
You have to learn Polish language first otherwise it will be difficult to find job.

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