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Life of Foreigners in Warsaw - salary (supply chain specialist; logistics), monthly expenses

16 Dec 2014 #1
Hello friends,

It might be a similar to other posts regarding a job opportunity in Poland. But I would like to start afresh.

I am from Mumbai, India and hold master's degree in operations and SCM. I have been offered a job in Warsaw as a supply chain specialist with one of the logistics company. The salary is expected to be in the close to 2000 Euros (~8500 PLN) gross

What can be my net salary at this level, and what are the fixed monthly expenses? Being Indian, I too believe in savings and not a frequent restaurant or bar visitor (once in a month or two is good enough for me). Also, I will prefer to rent a small apartment as I like privacy in a decent area. I am a good football player (and cricket player, which is not known in Poland), and would like to spend most of my weekends playing sports or learning new things (Polish language for sure).

Any inputs on what could be my average monthly expenses, along with life style in Warsaw would be highly appreciated.

P.S. Settling in Warsaw is not in my plans, I would rather like to gain experience for 2-3 years and settle back in my country (or temporarily move to some western countries, if lucky enough). Reason for consideration is of-course to see the world, gain exposure, develop contacts, learn things and live a little bit (away from the crowd)

pigsy 7 | 305
16 Dec 2014 #2
net salary could be around 5500pln,about living do you live alone or with family?small 40sq metre flat will be around 1600pln add 400 for cable internet electric gas etc.Indian food if you cook home can be around750,plus clothing travelling etc.If you are single then you should be ok but savings will be little.
OP Varun
16 Dec 2014 #3
Thanks Pigsy for a prompt response.

I will be living alone. Also, I am a non-vegetarian, and Indian food is not the only option. I know how to cook some Italian and french cuisine, and have heard Pierogi is quite easy and quick food in Poland.

I have lived in Paris for a couple of months (internship) and the food (breads) was not a problem for me either. Yes, I could be getting ****** if I eat it on a daily basis but my Indian cooking is anyways a savior for me. I do have winter clothes with me which I used in Paris, and rest of the clothes I will be bringing with me, ofcourse. I don't think I will need new clothes for these 3-4 months at least (may be more).

Traveling - I will probably be considering a monthly pass and will buy a cycle.

Considering these additional details, how much you think I would be left in my wallet at the end of a month (at decent/wise spending)

pigsy 7 | 305
16 Dec 2014 #4
dont buy a cycle get a account for the city rentals its 30 mins free and 10 pln security otherwise most likely it will get stolen no matter how many locks you put:D

Since you are a nonveg meat will be ample only few places sell goat meat:) but expensive.
I think if you go conservativey you can save around1000 pln to 2000 depending on your expenses,I have my flat in centre and considerable income and dont chince still dont spend over 5000pln including eating/drinking out and going almost everyother day to smoke cubans:),car petrol parking and insurance.electronics to buy in poland/europe is a killer.

Register yourself and PM me.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
16 Dec 2014 #5
Monthly ticket in Warsaw costs around 100zł

For other prices you can see here:

8500 PLN gross gives 6000zł net.

Hello friends,

And when you arrive in Poland stop saying friends and sir as most of Indians do. It sounds funny and stupid. Use
colleague instead of friend and mister instead of sir. It's because Polish friend (przyjaciel) is somebody you drunk vodka with at least few times and sir is honorary title which we don't use since communism came to Poland.
pigsy 7 | 305
17 Dec 2014 #6
sir as most of Indians do

Depends what accent the word sir is used,in states one always uses the sir word when you are showing respect to someone in form of thanking him for there help.Certainly not to your boss:)(who is a diaper anyway always on ur ass)
Monitor 14 | 1,820
17 Dec 2014 #7
I know, but in the internet only Indians use it.
OP Varun
17 Dec 2014 #8
Thanks 'GUYS' (I hope I am fine with the salutation now). :)

Also, can you please tell me what does the clause "contract to be signed for a 3 months fixed-term with an option to be extended for an indefinite time" actually mean?

Sounds risky though !!! Worried.
cinek 2 | 347
17 Dec 2014 #9
It's a standard practice in Poland when employing new people. After the 3 months if they won't like your work they can just say you goodbye with no consequence. But if you'll be working well they will sign the "infinite time contract" that will give you (and them too) more protection, i.e. 'okres wypowiedzenia' and 'odprawa'.

OP Varun
17 Dec 2014 #10
Thanks Cinek,

That's a really good information (and a catch for me).

How risky it is this? As in how frequently the emoployer says - "Ok, the job is done, you settled up this logistic framework and model for us, we don't need you any more.. so bye bye"
Monitor 14 | 1,820
17 Dec 2014 #11
I think it depends what you're going to do there. Do you think that they may need you just for 3 months? It is not usual to fire good workers after trial period. They are making some effort to get work permit for you, so probably they will need you for longer than just 3 months.
31 Oct 2015 #12
Merged: Monthly expenses for food in Warsaw (Biedronka, Tesco, Carrefour...)


I have recently moved to life in Warsaw and I would like to know how much money do you usually spend in food for a month (one person). This first weeks have been a mess and I have been eating in restaurants, what is over expensive usually. So it would be helpful if people that have been living in Warsaw more time can share their monthly expenses in food; nothing luxurious nor exotic, just usual things that you can buy in Biedronka, Tesco or Carrefour.

It would be really helpful for me to have a broad idea and better organization, thank you very much!
InPolska 11 | 1,821
1 Nov 2015 #13
Just to give you a - rough - idea! I must spend close (I don't count each zl) to 1,000 for food per month. I shop neither at places like Biedronka/Lidl and consorts nor at Tesco and Auchan (both cheaper than other supermarkets) but do at small neighborhood shops and supermarkets like Leclerc, Piotr & Pawel and Marks & Spencer (all are considered expensive). I don't buy much meat and I do buy a lot of foreign and organic products. So, you can expect for instance 75% of what I spend, in order to buy quality food (no greasy wędliny and other industrial junk). Sure, if you eat all or most of your meals out, you spend a fortune ;).
smit24 - | 5
3 Aug 2016 #14
Merged: Is 7500 PLN/month enough for bachelor person from India to live in warsaw?

Hello folks,

I have a job offer in Warsaw for 7500 PLN/Month Gross salary. I want to know this salary is sufficient for bachelor person ? Can I make some savings ? I am simple guy (No drink , alcohol) and live a normal life. I am from India. Also, what will be the basic cost for single person in Warsaw Poland?

Kindly looking for response.

Many Thanks In Advance.
smurf 39 | 1,981
3 Aug 2016 #15
what will be the basic cost for single person in Warsaw Poland?

Go to

It's OK money for a single man. You won't live like a king but when you consider that minimum wage in Poland is less than 2000zl you're be OK.

Actually that's gross......ask for me money, tax here is like 20% and I'm sure they'll deduct compulsory health & social insurance from you as well.

Make sure that those charge will be paid by the company.

I'd ask for more money it I was you.
4 Aug 2016 #16
Yes you would live OK on that wage, nothing special but it appears to be the average starting wage offered.
If you live frugally you should be able to save enough for a trip back to India once a year.
If you feel it will advance your career then go for it otherwise look for better pay at home/ elsewhere.
Forget about the 2000zl minimum wage stated above, it bears no meaning to your situation.
smurf 39 | 1,981
4 Aug 2016 #17
it bears no meaning to your situation.

Of course it bears a meaning, it means he'll be a whole lot better off than his neighbour stacking shelves in Tesco :D
Wulkan - | 3,243
4 Aug 2016 #18
So now he has to find a neighbour who is stacking shelves in Tesco for an ego boost. Yes Smit, do it Smurf's way and you won't be disappointed.
smurf 39 | 1,981
4 Aug 2016 #19
Many Thanks In Advance.

I'm sorry smit that there are many trolls on this forum who try to hijack threads.

Good luck making your decision, and whatever you do don't move in Jan/Feb, the weather is miserable, it's glorious this time of year though
Wulkan - | 3,243
4 Aug 2016 #20
I'm sorry smit that there are many trolls on this forum

no point being sorry for yourself, just change.

and whatever you do don't move in Jan/Feb, the weather is miserable

It is not, it's just a winter, I know a lot of Asians, especially Pakistanis who like cold weather and they can't wait for the summer to end.
smit24 - | 5
4 Aug 2016 #21

Thank you for the information.

After calculation my net salary is 6100 PLN . Is this enough ? Can I save enough money ?

If you feel it will advance your career then go for it otherwise look for better pay at home/ elsewhere.

Yes, my company is MNC. that's why I am thinking too much. Also, my secondary goal is to save money . Can I make it ?

Good luck making your decision, and whatever you do don't move in Jan/Feb, the weather is miserable, it's glorious this time of year though

I am moving there in mid of September . Is this ok for me ?
smurf 39 | 1,981
4 Aug 2016 #22
After calculation my net salary is 6100 PLN

It's like I said before y'know, you won't like like a king. It's not a crap wage, but it's nothing special either.

If I was you I'd want more.

Like your rent is going to be 1000-1500 per month.
Food shopping 800-1000 per month
Internet & phone 200-300 per month
Travel (if you use public transport) I think in Warsaw it's 150 for a bus & tram ticket....I might be wrong
Electricity & Heating 200-300

That's your basic stuff

If you enjoy eating out, going to cinema, going to concerts/football matches then you're going to have to add all that in

September weather is usually decent enough, doesn't really get cold until January and thanks to climate change we've having shorter and shorter winters :)

Good luck with your decision
smit24 - | 5
4 Aug 2016 #23
Good luck with your decision

Thank a lot , It really means a lot for me.
Raman vashistha - | 2
6 Aug 2016 #24
Hi smith and smurf,
I am also from India, lives in Rzeszow.
please send me email contact or mobile no. contact.
my mail id is ramanubt@gmail

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