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Job question in Poznan (Lecturer)

Calgarian Chris 1 | 3
3 Jan 2019 #1
Hello folks,

My name is Christian. I am now living in Calgary, Canada.
I am applying for a senior lecturer position at UAM Poznan.

I wonder anyone here know the salary of being a lecturer?
What about the life in Poznan? Is it expensive to live there?


delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
3 Jan 2019 #2
Which faculty? It depends on whether it's a job teaching only practical English courses, or whether you'll be expected to work as a normal lecturer. Salaries are pretty low, though if you're applying for a position in the Faculty of English, they're very professional, so don't expect to 'coast' there, and expect that you'll have to be up to speed very quickly.

If you don't mind me asking, where did you see the position advertised?

(PS: Go Flames!)
OP Calgarian Chris 1 | 3
3 Jan 2019 #3
Hey delphiandomine,

Faculty of Modern Language and Literature.
I found this job on EURAXESS. I guess I'll be a normal lecturer?! I know I should help carry some research projects and teach couple courses.

Salaries is low being a lecturer in Poland?
But at least i am interested in this job. Give a try!
Lyzko 33 | 8,284
3 Jan 2019 #4
A salary is only commensurate with the cost of living! As Poznan is probably cheaper than Warsaw, not to mention other European cities, especially in Western Europe, a salary which some place else might be "low", would perhaps be "reasonable" in Poznan:-)

For instance, I teach college in New York. Compared with an investment banker, my salary may seem low, however compared with somebody who teaches college in Salinas, Kansas, I'm certainly upper-middle class. Here's the classic example of two people doing more or less the same job, earning vastly different salaries.
OP Calgarian Chris 1 | 3
3 Jan 2019 #5
I wish my salary can cover my living and can save a little bit for the future. Haha

For me, I wanna work something that I like. :)
That's why I applied!! 😍
Lyzko 33 | 8,284
3 Jan 2019 #6
A most achievable goal, and certainly as a presumably native English speaker, you'd have more than a good shot!
mafketis 34 | 12,188
3 Jan 2019 #7
Faculty of Modern Language and Literature.

so not English philology.... (they split from Neofilologia (Polish name) a couple of years ago) but which department there are several and working conditions, morale, attitudes toward native speakers etc tend to vary a lot.

what are they offering in terms of housing?
OP Calgarian Chris 1 | 3
3 Jan 2019 #8

Yeah thanks. I wish I can have a new start in Poland.
And I have seen some picture about Poznan, very beautiful. :)


I am not sure about the housing and other stuffs.
But I really wanna be a native Polish speaker hahahaah
Lyzko 33 | 8,284
3 Jan 2019 #9
An even loftier goal. How many Poles I've met fancied themselves good enough to be as "good" as an American native speaker-)
Lots of luck!
7 Jan 2019 #10

I am not really a native speaker hahaha
but looking forward to new life in Poznan
Lyzko 33 | 8,284
7 Jan 2019 #11
Well, as they say over there, Powodzenia!

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