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HCL BUSINNES PARK KRAKOW - 4800zl Gross enough?

Giuse 1 | -
10 Jan 2016 #1
Hi Guyz!

I have received an offer form HCL in Krakow, as analyst. Anyone can tell me how is the company, the city and how and where ( in internet ) can I found a room rent for relocate me?

Is 4800zl Gross per month enough?

TY in advance!
10 Jan 2016 #2
Hi Giuse!

4800zl Gross are approx. 3400zl net ...
imho that's a very bad salary for a specialist, especially in an expensive city like Krakow ...
I don't know how many years of experience you have, but for comparison an IT specialist in a multinational company banks at least 8k-10k gross a month (excluding IBM or a few other spongers), and that even in cheaper cities like Wroclaw or Poznan.

For the rent give a look to sites like Otodom, OLX, Gumtree, ... if you want a flat all for yourself in the city I think you would need something like 2000zl a month all included, 700zl instead for a room in a shared flat.
jpalcan - | 5
28 Sep 2017 #3

Anyone working for HCL Technologies?


I am considering visiting Krakow and have been approached by HCL and I would like more information on this company and your thoughts.

Thank you
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,585
28 Sep 2017 #4
Is 4800zl Gross per month enough?

Very low salary. IMO I wouldn't take the job.
jpalcan - | 5
29 Sep 2017 #5


Is Krakow expensive? From my research it is 50% less expensive than Brussels.
terri 1 | 1,663
29 Sep 2017 #6
It all depends what you mean by expensive. If you are used to fine dining every day at Wierzynek - then Brussels is 100 times cheaper.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,585
29 Sep 2017 #7

Rent/real estate, food, transport is generally cheaper than Western EU capitals. Things that are expensive are electronics, cars, and fuel. Purchasing a home is considered expensive by Polish standards and most average Poles rent or live in the old commie blocks erected in PRL times.

Even though a decent townhome in a new development can cost like 400k 500k zloty (which is around 120-150k USD) that's a large sum to most Poles, especially if they've lived their lives in Poland and haven't had the chance to work and save abroad in the West. Of course compared to a 400k pound small flat in London (even in the Londonistan section aka Tower Hamlets), Krakow is very cheap. I stayed at a friends condo that was only like 80 m2, 2 bed 2 bath and he told me he bought it for 1.2 mln pounds (I think it was in Wandsworth or something?? definitely didn't have the same londonistan vibe as tower hamlets and still a decent bit of diversity).

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