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English in Polish kindergarten - methods and games.

noreenb 7 | 554
8 Sep 2014 #1
Do any of you teach English in Polish preschools? Can you share your experiences? This year I got a group of kids who are 2,5 and 3 years old and I realised that getting their attention is a real challenge. Do you have any ideas how to prepare a good, creative and interesting lesson?
jon357 74 | 22,796
8 Sep 2014 #3
Could be fun for them!

Noreen, have a look at this website - it's mostly stories but with lesson plans attached. As always, it's how you deliver the lesson as much as the materials but these might be worth a try. There are a lot (really a lot) of online resources for efl at that age group and the nationality of the kids doesn't make much or any difference at that age.

This one: has some games :-)
12 Sep 2014 #4
It is difficult. Mostly you won't get any reaction from them, and their attention span is incredibly short. In my experience, foreign languages when taught on a lesson basis should be kept very short at the kindergarten level, perhaps no more than 20 minutes maximum. Unfortunately, many kindergarten directors think that hiring an English speaker will magically make them speak English, but it's not true in the slightest.
OP noreenb 7 | 554
13 Sep 2014 #5
Actually, I agree with you returnofthemack, but it's been my job for two weeks.
I've already noticed that trying to make kids to be focused on even funny games is difficult. Whats more, I can't use any Polish words playing with children so very often they don't understand what they should do. Songs based on TPR methods - total physical response, like: Make a circle, One little finger, Teddy bear, Open, shut them, are cool for them and they like it, but showing colouful flash cards? They look bored after 2 minutes. "nie cie" (I don't want) - I hear sometimes.

I have with them 2 x half an hour a day, it's in fact 5 hours a week. Gosh, how to cause them to feel interested?

Jon357, Cardno85 - thank you.

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