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Do Polish employers regularly fire pregnant workers?

MrBubbles 10 | 613
17 Feb 2010 #1
Does anyone have experience of being pregnant while working for a Polish firm? Is it common for them to fire / downgrade workers who become pregnant? I know it is probably an illegal practice an I don't see what it achieves but the wife and I have heard a lot of scare stories...

Any advice welcome.
17 Feb 2010 #2
Is it common for them to fire / downgrade workers who become pregnant?

As far as I know such women can not be fired and it'd be a pretty stupid company which fired any.

However, if you want to make doubly sure, tell the wife to find a doctor who doesn't give a crap and he'll sign her off work for the remainder of her pregnancy.
Seanus 15 | 19,674
17 Feb 2010 #3
The simplest solution would be to hire another person on a temporary contract until the pregnant woman is in a position to return sometime after giving birth. I guess it would depend on the work at hand. Some team members are invaluable and indispensable. If they intentionally became pregnant and went on maternity leave in the full knowledge that the company was gonna be entering an intensive phase then I can only imagine top brass taking a dim view of that and even taking strong action.

Most things can be solved through discussion. Those that haven't been solved yet are largely so because there is still some money to be extracted from the discussion process.
OP MrBubbles 10 | 613
18 Feb 2010 #4
Thanks but my wife has friends who were fired soon after taking maternity leave. She also used to work in an HR department where the management team would pressure her into doing the same.

It sounds like the usual thing - you shouldn't get fired but everyone ignores the regulations...

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