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Creating a social media marketing agency in Warsaw

devups 1 | 1
6 Dec 2018 #1
I'm a non-european student in Warsaw, I have some money I want to invest in a social media marketing agency, So I have so questions

1 - can I create an agency with a student visa

2 - is this going to allow me to be a permanent resident

3 - any idea about the taxes
terri 1 | 1,664
7 Dec 2018 #2
You are 20 years too late. Such agencies already exist, search on the internet for them. The best you can do is to join or become a partner in one.
Miaa P - | 1
30 Aug 2019 #3
Our exhibition in Krakow has achieved great success. Creative Poland agency organized every detail of the events. Cooperation on simple rules. The exhibition attracted a lot of interest. The best agency dmc we work with. creative-poland/event-organisation-in-krakow-dmc-poland/

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