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For current and prospective workers. Discuss job opportunities and challenges of Poland's labour market. (page 8)

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Senior Business Analyst moving to Pila, Greater Poland in April - Need Advice
Salary for a recently graduated software/computer engineer in Poland
14 - Asked zillion times here. Minimum 5000 netto....

WorkHerzegovina - 21 Oct 2013 peter_olsztyn - 27 Dec 2016
"Customer Service Support Officer" in Poland. How much I should say I want to earn?
I found a Job in Katowice (9.000 - 9.500 PLN); tax, vacation, health care, expats
6 - Thanks!!...

WorkBruno E. - 28 Sep 2013 matandomuertos - 19 Dec 2016
30 yr old Polish Canadian would love to relocate back to homeland
4 - But it is a bad job. Don't go this B way. You can expect 1000km per day and...

WorkPolski patriot - 18 Dec 2016 peter_olsztyn - 19 Dec 2016
Moving to Lodz - will my 2500 PLN salary be enough?  2
Is it difficult finding a job for Japanese people in Warsaw? Have you seen Japanese people working here?
12 - Majority dream about a trip to Japan but vey few are keen to learn the language ;)...

WorkErykazh - 10 Sep 2014 peter_olsztyn - 17 Dec 2016
Advice on Teaching English in Poland  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23  24
Working in Poland currently - how to find job in Germany?
5 - Just apply for the jobs offers presented here:

Workravd - 8 Nov 2014 Monitor - 11 Dec 2016
Want to change job in Poland
IT Infrastructure Engineer Expected Salary in Poland
Graphic designer looking for work in Poland
Linear tax, 19%, Poland - health and social insurance
info. work in Poland with and temporary card residence?
Five star SPA manager job for English speaking person in Poland?
Tax Return English, I worked in Poland for two years (2011 & 2012)
Filing tax return from outside of Poland?
20 years old moving to Poland from Canada, is it hard for me to get a job in Poland?
Hi All, I have received an offer from IBM Wroclaw of 10,000 PLN Gross Per Month - Sr. Wintel Position.
What is a 'HND' Business qualification in Poland?  2
Salary of an Accounts Payable Specialist with Portuguese in Lodz
Looking for list of Private and Public Hospitals in Poland.
SAP jobs in POLAND (SAP HR/Payroll experience)
Salary of Data Analyst or Certified Qlikview Developer in Poland Krakow (Cracow)
Moving to Warsaw. What salary should I ask for in banking sector?
Greek Speaking Jobs in Poland
Advertising for Hotel manager in Krakow
Salary expectations in Poland  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13
Possible lifestyle in Poland? Job offer - 12K to 13K PLN.  2
40 - Thankslaot Chemikiem...

Workfgonzalez - 19 Feb 2015 sohaib291 - 9 Sep 2016
Moving to work in Poland from Turkey - monthly gross income will be 12500 PLN
English-speaking IT companies in Poland
Finding work as an EU citizen (Polish) in another EU country
21 - Makes perfect sense, thank you....

WorkRani - 31 Aug 2016 Rani - 5 Sep 2016
Double payment to Poland's ZUS/NFZ?
Is finding an engineering job in Poland difficult? Do I have to be fluent in Polish?
Anybody know about Datainvest Company in Torun? 4500 PLN net salary.
Freelancer website for Polish people - good idea?
Is it easy to find job as a cook in Warsaw? Salary?
5 - Merged: Where to hire housekeeper/cook in Warsaw? Hi all :-) I'd like to have someone come...

WorkAshok sherchan - 28 Dec 2015 MattWarsaw - 29 Aug 2016
Cost of living in Warsaw with two kids
A decent paid job for native english speaker in Wrocław - no university qualifications
Salary for service now developer in Poland
Life of Foreigners in Warsaw - salary (supply chain specialist; logistics), monthly expenses
What you do not know about work & life in Poland.
Warsaw or Krakow - what is the better place to work in?
19 - Merged: Krakow or Warsaw: which one is better for an expat? Hi All, I am an...

Workphtoa - 3 Feb 2012 marcoc10 - 30 Jul 2016
Employment in Poland for an English engineer
Some questions about average wages and hiring a cleaning woman/maid in Poland
23 - Merged: Live-in maid I'd like to hire a live-in maid or au pair to help with chores...

Workroade85 - 7 Dec 2015 Alltimegreat1 - 25 Jul 2016
Taxes and ZUS on a second job in Poland
Are there plenty of job (computer science major) in Poland
Krakow - living and working
18 - Thank you so much @Atch...

Worklaura92 - 19 Jul 2016 laura92 - 21 Jul 2016
Question on verification of documents for a job Interview in Poland
Indian Engineer Moving to required about job prospects
Does anybody know about franchise in Poland?
Wanting to move to Wroclaw. Any ideas of how to get a job sorted before moving out?
NOT POLISH and Looking for a JOB in Poland
Finnish graduate (master in industrial management) looking for a career start in Poland
Minimum basic salary in Poland  2  3  4
WANT TO MOVE from Morocco TO POLAND - job as a customer service?
Teaching Chinese in Poland
Wanting to relocate to Poland from South Africa, chances for a job as an Ophthalmic assistant there
A PhD Moving to Kraków, Poland! Salary, housing, spendings, nightlife, English knowledge.
14 - Thanks, Atch :) Well then, when I'm in my 50's I'll go to Ireland to feel...

WorkEinsiedler - 18 Jun 2016 Paulina - 22 Jun 2016
Researcher at a University in Poland - job information

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