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For current and prospective workers. Discuss job opportunities and challenges of Poland's labour market. (page 5)

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Work permit for weekend students in Poland
2 - Up, same status and need to help....

WorkKaanKILIC - 13 Jul 2018 Escobar26 - 2 Aug 2018
What salaries are for IT specialists (Senior QA Engineer) in Poland?  2
59 - Don't worry. Poles are very thick skinned :))...

Workkatrina85 - 4 Dec 2013 Atch - 1 Aug 2018
Questions regarding living&working in Gdansk
Anyone willing to move to Scandinavia for work? Or is economy better of Poland?
Electronic invoicing service in Poland for businesses? E-invoices (e-faktury)
Online Poland's visa status
Notice period when terminating a work contract in Poland as an employee - four weeks or one full month?
Studies In Poland, is it easy to survive on part-time jobs?  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
259 - Par time work tends only to pay minimum wage. Maybe if you are in a large city,...

WorkKrishna27 - 19 Jan 2009 dolnoslask - 12 Jul 2018
Moving from India to Warsaw to study. Need information about Warsaw city, jobs etc.  2
Job Relocation to Lodz from Mexico
Salary in Gdansk (multinational IT based company)
Will Poland tax my SIPP?
RELOCATING TO GDYNIA, Poland - salary question  2
IT Jobs in Poland?
How to earn interest on Euro Account or Deposits?
Finding a job in IT field in Poland
Are there Job Opportunities for Americans in Poland?
Native English speaker looking to teach English in the Opole area of Poland.
Looking for Job - MBA (Marketing) - Krakow area, 5 years in Oracle India; Married to Pole
I want to teach English in Poland and I don't know where to start! PLEASE HELP!
Cost of living in Lodz, is 2450-6400 PLN salary enough?
Salary Expectation in Wroclaw - IT job in a big MNC
2 - Anything 10k zs and over is a good salary and you'll be able to save quite a bit of...

WorkChetan_232323 - 14 May 2018 Dirk diggler - 14 May 2018
Job offer in Lodz, gross 1000€/4260PLN. Apartment and healthcare paid for. Good in Poland?  2
Net Salary for comfortable life in Wroclaw
Diary of a Teacher in Poland  2  3  4  5  6  7
Should I move Wroclaw in 3M as a Rpa lead Developer from India ?
9 - As a girlfriend, none. If you put a ring on it and she comes as a spouse then...

WorkRpa_0111995 - 27 Dec 2017 mafketis - 1 May 2018
Is 7000 PLN net per month....a reasonable salary in Katowice  2
Security/Defence Analyst/Consultancy work in Poland
PAT testing electrical equipment in Poland  2
Living off 5500zl in Krakow? (accounting job)
9 - Around 4K pln is about right....

Workhermarian - 10 Sep 2013 terri - 12 Apr 2018
Can I get job in IT sector after finishing masters in Poland ?
6 - no they don't, how silly. OP you know if you do a Masters in the UK, you...

Workprinceantony - 9 Apr 2018 rozumiemnic - 10 Apr 2018
Poland's Work Permit Document Apostille
7 - Really you should ask 3m to sort it out for you and pay the relevant costs - it's a...

WorkSubodhsharma12 - 30 Mar 2018 cms neuf - 3 Apr 2018
Working for the British council in Poland (Warsaw)
Polish Employment Contract Type; permanent and fixed-term position in Poland
4 - It can be available in 1 month...

Workmarslan - 15 Jan 2018 Evsvikash - 19 Mar 2018
Work Permit and Requirement (not authorized to work in Poland)
Love Poland, studying as Civil/Design Engineer
Cost of living Warsaw, Poland for family of 2+1 (7 month baby)
Moving to Poland! Master degree and 12 years experience developing software
Native English looking for a teaching job in Poland  2  3  4  5
Companies and pay for a Native English Teacher in Warsaw?  2
Polish Canadian ESL job/student advice  2  3
Chemical Engineering Jobs in Poland - Needing Orientation
× Question about working on your own in Poland
6 - Bug off, troll. Admin, you can delete this thread....

Worksksks - 25 Jan 2018 DominicB - 25 Jan 2018
I stay in Poland, freelance for UK company, and have a Belarusian passport. How do I get taxed?
Need help to open company & work permit (I am from Pakistan)
Polish private pension - is it obligatory to join?
Driving jobs in Poland. (HGV and bus/coach)
11 - A driver recruitment website?...

WorkdaveyM - 20 Mar 2010 jon357 - 16 Jan 2018
Loan / Credit in Poland (on 1600-2000 PLN income)
The big step: moving to Warsaw and taking everything with me to Poland
How is the job opportunities in Poland for my competencies? I am delivering business coaching services.
Are there any jobs for Americans in Poland?
29 - Dominic I've spent years in Poland as my whole family is there so im keenly aware of what the...

WorkChicabonita92 - 29 Sep 2014 Dirk diggler - 29 Dec 2017
Master's degree and job opportunities in Poland
Polish citizen with American husband in Poland ~ work ops?  2
55 - Yes, my son speaks 90% polish i have been @ home with him for 2 years so it's great....

Workoczko1993 - 19 Dec 2017 oczko1993 - 21 Dec 2017
Is it possible that a Moroccan get a job in Poland?
Poland's Internships for English Speakers w/ Polish A2
Resign from current work (60 days notice period) after receiving job offer in Poland (work permit in 2 months)
Poland job (senior development / compliance officer from India) - need an advice
How much salary should I ask for IT Business Analysts in Wroclaw ?
17 - In my opinion you should ask at least 13k zl net....

WorkOzanOz - 9 Oct 2017 LongTermR - 24 Nov 2017
How to get EU Blue card before entering into the Poland
Profi-Lingua - Still dodgy/shady?

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