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Polish women are not to be trusted! They are out to get American men just for money.

Lenka 3 | 2,543
23 Apr 2014 #31
Have you known relationships of mixed nationalities that lasted more than five or ten years?

Yes, and even more than 10 years. Compromises are necesarry but it can have a lot of adventages as well. It all comes to one- you fall in love with a person, not some foggy idea of nationality.
pagan 2 | 26
23 Apr 2014 #32
Listen, I met different men, of course mostly Polish, however few foreigners as well. I always looked at what kind of person the guy is not at his passport.

It is like that when you are in love and thinking about man as being that companion, it is like that only at the beginning, after time it changes and some things become obstacles too hard to overcome.

Compromises are necesarry but it can have a lot of adventages as well.

These are not the usual compromises though, I think you do not realise what impact culture can have on us and our psyche, how it shapes our point of view, how strongly, this may not be noticeable at first it surfaces later and people become surprised how much influence it has on their own thinking, behaviour and needs and in consequence the relationship.
Lenka 3 | 2,543
23 Apr 2014 #33
In every relationship there are obstacles. Usually hard to overcome. I won't throw away love becase of some ideas of possible problems. In every relationship you have to take into account that things may become hard and if you are in love they are easier to overcome. I'm not buying a car to think about stuff like that- I'm choosing a partner.
23 Apr 2014 #34
They are out to get American men just for money ?
Do not exaggerate, to many poor in the USA nowadays.......
Read attentively :
U.S. poverty rises despite economic recovery PN20130917
Ladna - | 6
24 Apr 2014 #35
Interesting thread title I am a Polish woman and I don't choose men just for money, financial stability is important but not primary, maybe American women think this way because they are themselves out for money only and then they blame Polish women for American man's preference for Polish woman. .
Wulkan - | 3,250
24 Apr 2014 #36
maybe American women think this way

Nope, American women are usually very independent
Ladna - | 6
24 Apr 2014 #37
But insecure about their chances against Polish woman
kj99 8 | 54
24 Apr 2014 #38
They are out to get American men just for money.....



Indonesia - | 5
1 May 2014 #39
mmmm....It looks like marriage between american and polish are easy . I am indonesian who is planning marriage with Polish guy next month, has taken 6 month to register our marriage procedure. I have to prove that i am single in my country and all the papers have to be registered by my embassy.The embassy in Poland had checked my documents as well. After I arrived here a month ago and brought documents here, i have to pay a registered translator that i signed correctly all the documents. As our religion are catholic, we have to take matrimony lesson and you know what it takes a month also.

In your case, I think your friend is unlucky. I dont know if you friend follow the rule of marriage register or no.
He should meet her parents or go to Poland before decided marriage, at least he knows their family and her background.
Your friend is not smart enough doing that :) or too rush to do everything . So not about the Polish women !

So tell your friend to move on . I believe He will find a nice girl and will appreciate the future wife a lot.
Wroclaw Boy
1 May 2014 #40
Gold diggers are everywhere, but for comparisons sake Poland definitely has less than most countries. Love comes first and money second......... for most of them.

I know plenty of gold diggers and soon enough they get bored of being married to what usually turns out to be complete @sshole's. and yes, even the large house, four holidays a year and new Range Rover cant compensate for signing up for a life partner that they usually, deep down, utterly despise.

Gold diggers suffer from a 'social value disorder'.
Efra - | 2
24 Nov 2015 #41
Hi guys! I never been in Poland but I met some polish women here in the USA, and from what I'm seeing, they're really very nice,high educated,and VERY hardworking, and very reliable! I'm actually trying online dating site , but I'm not sure if it's ok here to post the name of the site ? and I hope I can find a great woman from Poland. I'm trying to be fare because I saw a couple of bad posts about Polish women, but my opinion is that they're great.

Best of luck to all of you :))
homebuilder - | 1
7 Jan 2016 #42
thats b.s. I'm from chicago and found a Polish girl by chance ... she was never out for my money , we are married for 4 years now and i know so many of her friends in chicago who are also polish ... i have never heard of or met anyone who would be out for american money ! what makes you think americans have money anyway .. poland has great economy and healthier happier people
polishinvestor 1 | 362
7 Jan 2016 #43
I call it "polepszyc swoje stanowisko" In english, improving their station. My wife laughs but admits its mostly true these days especially in the smaller towns such as Jelenia Gora. I suppose if a guy wants a girl with nice tits, similarly the girl looks for a guy that can finance her needs. Don't see anything wrong with it as long as both sides understand the situation, but often one side finds out to their cost.
Labrador 2 | 50
23 Feb 2016 #44

I don't think all Polish women are like this.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
23 Feb 2016 #45
"Jeez"! These stupid generalizations! Based upon my experience (have visited some 50 countries and have lived in several of them), generalizatons are completely stupid and show how ignorant and uneducated people doing generalizations are. Since we are in POLISH (sorry for those who don't understand it ;)) fora, as I have lived in Poland for quite a while, had a Polish husband and have known thousands of Poles, both females and males and FORTUNATELY, everybody is different and is not the same as another. Among Polish population like among ANY other population, one can find everything and its contrary. Some people are good, some are bad, some are nice, some are not, some are gorgeous, some are ugly, some are intelligent, some are stupid, some are honest, some are dishonest.... and so forth and so forth. So no sense to generalize Polish women, German men or Tunisian dogs!
10 Jan 2021 #46
I don't think the main topic is very fair towards polish woman and it's hard to believe they act like this. All woman want love and stability, mostly the character and morals of the man to support his wife and children.

Men and woman are not perfect , if they were there would be happiness between couples and no arguments.

However I do agree, Some American men are childish and think they are a gift to woman.
pawian 176 | 14,299
10 Jan 2021 #47
it's hard to believe they act like this.

Of course. Some minority probably do but no more than other women in the world.

Some American men are childish and think they are a gift to woman.

Yes, they dream of being machos like Mexicans but in fact they are mere muchachos. Of course, not all, but those who berate and speak badly of women.

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