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Toronto Job Prospects

12 Jan 2010 #1
With 9.5 % unemployment rate it must be hard finding a job in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area. I'm looking for jobs in Offices, Administrative assistant, legal assistant etc

I do have experience in other Canadian province but I'm looking to be moving somewhere in the Greater Toronto area. Is it going to be hard finding a job?
gjene 14 | 204
12 Jan 2010 #2
Have you tried doing a google search for legal assistant in Toronto? I was able to find quite a few websites that might help to find jobs like that in Toronto. One was Otherwise that is the one method I can think of off hand and immediately.
22 May 2011 #3
There are more than thirty thousand Toronto jobs that need to be filled at , other places to look for employment includes or If you have no skills take a no skill job. If you want a job that requires skills, go back to school. Before taking a skills upgrade course, do a market survey to make sure employment will be available after graduation.

Won't be hard, if you take a job that matches your skill set.

Good Luck
Kalamazoo - | 1
12 Sep 2016 #4
Merged: Moving from Poland to Canada

Planning to go back to Canada after spending 20 years in Poland. Is anyone of you in beauty business? If not, can someone help me find some people in Toronto who run cosmetic, spa or aesthetic business? I run production and distribution firm in Warsaw. The products are devices and appliances. I need to learn about the industry in Canada and get to know it from the scratch. The legality of what products are allowed to bring, all the laws, regulations and restrictions. I need to know who can run a spa, how to establish it and is there a market for it, what products to offer, what are the most popular esthetic treatments on skin and body, weight losing, body sculpting, epilation, wrinkle removal, etc. Do you run hair studio and want to expand into body and skin treatments? We can cooperate, open up training center for cosmeticians, beauticians, doctors. I might plan to establish a distribution center for such devices close by to beauty clinic in Toronto or cosmetic school. I would appreciate all the help that you could give. All ideas, contacts, suggestions are welcome!!!
Crow 152 | 9,820
12 Sep 2016 #5
Its very wise to abandon Canada and come to Poland.

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