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Polish president wins Canada's support, welcomes Canadian troops

Polonius3 994 | 12,367
13 May 2016 #1
During an official visit to Canada Polish President Andrzej Duda Prime received a pledge from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that he would emphasize the need to strengthen NATO's eastern flank at this summer's Warsaw summit. "We welcome Canadian troops to Poland," Duda said during a meeting with Canadian Governor General David Johnston. Canadian soldiers have been stationed on a rotational basis in Poland since the Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea and aggression against Ukraine in 2014. Duda emphasized that Ukraine clearly needed help, and Canada agrees that Russia must respect international law, the sovereignty of nations and the inviolability of their borders. Canada has the world's largest Ukrainian Diaspora and has a special relationship with Ukrainians. The Polish president also visited Canada's largest Polonian parish in Missasauga outside Toronto where he thanked Polish Canadians for keeping their ancestral heritage alive.

Known for badmouthing Poland's pro-Polish government no matter what, the resentful and mean-spirited oppostion losers' camp intially claimed Duda was going to Canada as a tourist and would not meet his Canadian oppoiste number, the Governor Genral. It turned out to be an official visit where he met Canada's PM and Governor General as well as MPs.
Szalawa 2 | 240
13 May 2016 #2
Well well, thanks for posting this Pol

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