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Poles in Virginia / DC area USA

24 Oct 2010 #1
NEW!!! Become a Fan of Polonia Hampton Roads. Share your views, pictures. Find information about Events, Polish Vendors. Look at pictures or get involved in discussions.

Want to advertise, go ahead under Boxes. Share with friends.

NOWOŚĆ! Zostań fanem Polonia Hampton Roads . Podziel się swoją opinią, zdjęciami. Znajdź informacje o wydarzeniach, dostawców polskich, i więcej. Obejrzyj zdjęcia i skomentuj lub weź udział w dyskusji. Chcesz reklamować się, śmiało w rubrykach "BOXES". Podziel się ze znajomymi, czym więcej tym lepiej.
Artur - | 13
31 Oct 2010 #2
This is the website of Polish community in Hampton Roads, Virginia.
yuriart10 - | 1
1 Nov 2010 #3
Thanks you for the post.
Hi guys, Im a newbie. Nice to join this forum.
Softsong 5 | 493
1 Nov 2010 #4
Welcome to the forum, wish I lived nearer to you! Not much Polish food in my area except during the holidays.

From a related post:

Polish ANYTHING in Hampton/Newport News Virginia (esp. polish school)

I've searched for schools (polskie szkoly), churches, restaurants and stores and am not getting anything except for reminders that Poles traveled to Williamsburg in 1608 and were among the first settlers. What happened? Everyone leave and go to Wallington, Chicago or Cleaveland?! Anyone know of the nearest communities?

Visit Polonia Hamton Roads on Face Book and you should have all the information you need.
OP krauzband
3 Nov 2010 #5
If you want pictures/ discussions/ Find Vendors/Get News/Events or just make new friends

Hi Artur,

That web site is nice but not much info about whats going on. There was a Polish picnic in Williamsburg recently and nothing on that website. Polonia Hampton Roads on Facebook is better for that but thx for the link. :)
Trinity - | 2
8 Nov 2010 #6
Hello- does anyone know if there is a Polish language school nearby? I contacted the Kielbasa store and saw the link to the Polish mass once a month. But Saturday Polish school? Or Polish tutors who may have small groups of kids?

Also, we've got so many holiday traditions coming up- Mikolajki, Christmas Eve, Sylwester, Karnival (later)- does anyone know if there's a group that organizes parties or zabawy?
9 Nov 2010 #7
There is not a Polish school yet for kids but here is a reply on Polonia Hampton Roads on Facebook
"Jest dostepna Internetowa Szkola Polska dla dzieci przebywajacych zagranica. Dzieci sa zobowiazane do przesylania okresowych prac kontrolnych, a raz w roku zdaja egzaminy w Warszawie. Dostepne sa rowniez cotygodniowe konsultacje online. Po zdaniu egzaminow otrzymuja swiadectwa ukonczenia polskiej szkoly."

This upcoming Sunday there will be a Polish mass.

Msza Św. Rzymsko-Katolicka w języku Polskim jest odprawiana w drugą Niedzielę miesiąca o godzine 14:00 w kościele: St. Pius X Catholic Church 7800 Halprin Dr. Norfolk, VA 23518 Wejscie z boku Kosciola, od strony szkoly, drzwi frontowe sa zamknete. Po mszy odbywaja sie spotkania w salce za szkola.

Also you can put your children on a list to receive a gift from Santa Clause on December 12th 2010 after the Polish mass. The cost is $10,00 per child. We will be also celebrating on that day Wigilja.

It will be a potlock no meat.

All this information is on Polonia Hampton Roads including Events and discussions.

Last year I have organized a Karnawal and we had about 60 people I might do it again this year if I see the interest from the community.

Hope this helps,
Trinity - | 2
12 Nov 2010 #8
Hi Aneta-
Thanks for the link for the Internetowa Polska Szkola but after googling- it just turned up alot of pages for polskie szkoly which happened to have srony internetowe:( I'll keep digging but I don't have facebook so if you could do me the one additional favor and provide an internet link to the program I would be bardzo wdzeczna:)

And I'll keep a lookout for the Karnawal notice- you may get 2 more people!
18 Nov 2010 #9
Hello Trinity,

You do not need to have Facebook to view Polonia Hampton Roads just Google and click on the link.
I wanted to post the link for the school but the forum didn't allow me.

We will be having a Polish mass on 12/12/2010 at 14:00 you get receive confession at 13:00.
This will be our "Wigilijna Msza" after we will be meeting for dinner. Potluck, no meat and we will be having Santa over for the kids.

I am working on having Polish lessons for kids twice a month on Saturday. We have two Polish teachers that have moved to the area. All will be discussed on 12/12/2010 after mass.

You can get hold of me 757-469-6927 if you need more information.

Hope this helps,
20 Feb 2012 #10
I am from Los Angeles CA and now living in Williamsburg VA and would like to connect with other "senior" Polish folks in my area. I would like to be placed on your list. Thank you --
Angelinka 1 | 2
20 Apr 2012 #11
Id like to meet new people in the polish community. Glad to find there is a polish community in VA :)
29 Jan 2013 #12
I am looking for someone to help me with some family history and current correspondence from a relative in Poland. Does anyone know someone in the Hampton, Newport Nerws area who can read Polish and is willing to help me? Roxann
syzia - | 1
23 Nov 2013 #13
hi guys! I just moved to Hampton Roads , I am born & raised Polish, college grad. and looking for some other Polish friends in the area :D PM me if you live close by
wsharek - | 2
21 Sep 2014 #14
I am moving to Norfolk in October and I want to meet Poles or Polish-Americans in the area. I can be reached at wsharek@hotmail.

Obviously I want to find a Polish church in the area, but is there is Polish-American Cultural Club?

-Bill Sharek
martez 1 | 7
22 Nov 2015 #15
Merged: Are there any Polish communities in VA or DC area?

Hi there,
Just recently relocated from Connecticut to Virginia (NoVA). Do any of you know if there are any Polish communities in the area / groceries / shops etc.

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