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What do Poles think about drinking raw milk? In America, unpasteurized milk is PROHIBITED.

f stop 25 | 2,513
23 Aug 2011 #32
My parents finished their degrees and I moved back with them to Warsaw.
ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
23 Aug 2011 #33
Live dangerously. Drink unpasteurized milk from a dirty glass. :)
Marek11111 9 | 816
25 Aug 2011 #34
I used to drink milk right after milking caw and most farmers in Poland did so, so how bad is it it is better more nutritious for you then the crap they sell in stores all over America.
LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
25 Aug 2011 #35
Raw milk is delicious but if you have a doubt or think it risky you can always boil it for 2 mns..
Pinching Pete - | 558
25 Aug 2011 #36
I used to drink milk right after milking caw

.. probably why you are such a delirious fool today.
1jola 14 | 1,879
25 Aug 2011 #37
until I drank a full glass of that warm, gnój smelling body fluid.

True. Some farmers are filthy, have filthy animals, and some are not. For milk to smell of ****, I can imagine your grandma's cows.
pawian 182 | 16,920
27 Aug 2011 #38
For milk to smell of ****, I can imagine your grandma's cows.

Sometimes milk may smell of dung because farmers filter their raw milk through various materials. When they run out of a piece of clean cloth, they use other stuff, e.g., pants, long johns, socks. :):):)
f stop 25 | 2,513
27 Aug 2011 #39
I know! If she had some consideration, she would have taken a shower and put some perfume on after sitting w oborze all morning!
sobieski 107 | 2,128
3 Sep 2011 #40
I came across one of these famous "mlekomats" yesterday at the back of Hala Mirowska. Did anybody already use it?
pip 10 | 1,659
3 Sep 2011 #41
I have used the one in Pruszkow in the summer. I don't drink milk but my kids and husband loved it- they said it was really fresh tasting.
sobieski 107 | 2,128
3 Sep 2011 #42
Will let you know tomorrow how it went :)
citizen67 6 | 191
4 Apr 2013 #43
Raw milk is delicious and far superior to pasteurized milk in both taste and health, but it is extremely difficult to get. You can only get in Framers' markets and then only those in England, it is prohibited in Scotland and wales.
Varsovian 92 | 634
5 Apr 2013 #44

By slashing my milk intake (love it in morning coffee though) I have slashed my expenditure on toilet paper! The idea of getting roughage through milk-drenched cereals is a sick joke.

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pawian 182 | 16,920
23 Jun 2020 #45
Raw milk is delicious, but it is extremely difficult to get.

Yes, it is. I must go around the village and find out where they keep cows coz I can hear mooing frequently. I will ask them to sell a gallon of warm foamy freshly milked milk. It`s been decades since I last drank it.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
23 Jun 2020 #46
There's a company that delivers 5L of it to our door for 20zł, it's a very agreeable price.
pawian 182 | 16,920
23 Jun 2020 #47
I envy you. But only on condition it is warm, foamy and fresh from the udder.
Sylvio 19 | 144
23 Jun 2020 #48
If you see cows make sure they have tits, cause I stopped by at a cow farm near my home in Kujawy, but was embarrassed to have the farmer explain to me that the cows I saw grazing outside were all bulls.
pawian 182 | 16,920
23 Jun 2020 #49
It would be funny to see you trying to milk them.

Home / USA, Canada / What do Poles think about drinking raw milk? In America, unpasteurized milk is PROHIBITED.
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