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Poles and Americans, what do you think, are we friends or enemies?

Joker 2 | 1,802
16 Dec 2017 #181
Yes! It's an actual coin in circulation commemorating the British defeat at Saratoga in the American State of New York and all thanks to Kościuszko!

Thats a nice coin, it would make a great Xmas gift

Kosciuszko is an American hero just like Casimir Pulaski

Thanks for helping America defeat tyranny!
Bieganski 17 | 901
16 Dec 2017 #182
There is a huge statue of Koscicsko along the Chicago lakefront.

I heard once there are more statues and other landmarks like bridges, parks, etc., dedicated to Kościuszko in America than any figure in their history.

But not everyone in America knows about him. And some don't even care as in the case of one statue of Kościuszko in East Chicago being stolen and then attempted to be broken down in order to be sold for scrap metal.

E.C. man sentenced to jail in theft of Polish-American statue

"An East Chicago man was six months in jail after he admitted to nearly sawing off the head of a statue of Gen. Thaddeus Kosciuszko. Israel L. Soberanes, 34, pleaded guilty to theft, a Level 6 felony...standing next to an interpreter who translated the hearing from English to Spanish, [he] said he accepted everything that was in the plea agreement...Soberanes and the co-defendant planned on scrapping it for money."


Other news reports said the statue has since been restored, returned and rededicated.

Anyway, there are nearly identical statues dedicate to Kościuszko in both Washington DC and Warsaw.

In fact, they are so closely matched that the one in Warsaw also includes the inscription "Saratoga West Point" to commemorate the British defeat there all thanks to Kościuszko!

Joker 2 | 1,802
16 Dec 2017 #183
Hey, theres one in Milwaukee as well. Many Poles immigrated to Wisconsin, there is a town named Polonia up there also.

I know about Pulaski. Ive been reading about Kosciusko, he sounds like a true patriot to me!

He helped defeat the British, a true friend to America!

Im glad the scavenger was arrested and the statue has been restored. Im sure he didn't have a clue who it was either.
16 Dec 2017 #184
Poland generally is (USA and Church of England)'s true *****! I said hoe, but don't take it personally, its not just you! it's every body <3
idem - | 135
16 Dec 2017 #185

Man is an idiot and his post shows it so no point even to reply.....unfortunately truth hurts so for idiots attack is the only way to react.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
16 Dec 2017 #186
Yes, pretty much. I have no idea why he's attacking you for telling the truth about how you lose contact, but he's got a long history of doing just that.

Still, nice to see a Canadian telling a real Polish person what is and what isn't Polish.
pawian 176 | 15,402
18 Mar 2020 #187
Mostly friends, but when intoxicated, we can turn into "enemies." Like during street scuffles between young Polish men and American soldiers. All drunk, of course.

So, nothing serious, really. When they get sober, they are friends again.

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