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Sending money to Poland from the USA?

20 Nov 2011  #31
How about Paypal?Anyone tried that?
valpomike 11 | 197
20 Nov 2011  #32
I tried pay-pal, and it worked fast for me.

coppermouse 16 | 62
30 Dec 2011  #33
Merged: Sending money to Poland

We want to send my wife's mom money to get a visa to visit us

What is the best way to send money. I was told I can send a check from my bank. Is this true? How long does it take for the money to appear in her account after depositing it?

Also if this is not possible what other methods. Wire transfer I suppose. What information is needed?
30 Dec 2011  #34
How long does it take for the money to appear in her account after depositing it?

Last time I paid in a check it took eight weeks and the best part of a hundred dollars to clear.

Also if this is not possible what other methods. Wire transfer I suppose. What information is needed?

You will need her IBAN account number and the name and the SWIFT code of her bank. And the name she has the account in.

Personally I'd be tempted to just send the money direct to the US consulate here. Or better yet I'd be trying to find out if there is a US account which the money can be transferred into.

We want to send my wife's mom money to get a visa to visit us

Assuming that she wants a non-resident's visa, it seems that you need to either get the money to her (and then she can pay at the post office) or you can just pay the money direct yourself to:

Ambasada USA 00-540 Warszawa Al. Ujazdowskie 29/31,
Citibank Handlowy w Warszawie SA,
account no: 33 10301508 0000000500350016.

Details are here:

If she knows anybody who has a paypal account, I'd suggest using that.
coppermouse 16 | 62
30 Dec 2011  #35
Great advice, didn't know we could do it that way. Thanks a lot
fantasygold - | 2
4 Jan 2013  #36
I'm in Nigeria and want to pay 200euro for my application fee to WUT... Please who can help?
johnny reb 16 | 3,477
6 Jun 2015  #37
Can someone tell me what kind of identification is needed by a Polish resident to pick up money from a Western Union in Poland ?
I know they have to have the transaction number but what forms of i.d. is required to pick the money up ?
And aren't most Western Union's located in the banks of Poland or are their offices located elsewhere ?
Thanks for your help.
OP Polonius3 1,000 | 12,449
6 Jun 2015  #38
what kind of identification

Indentity card (dowód osobisty). Personally I prefer MoneyGram - in Poland you collect the cash at any post office and there are far more of those than Western Union offices.
johnny reb 16 | 3,477
6 Jun 2015  #39
Dziękuję bardzo dużo; Polonius3
Ja dający się ocenić twój współpracownik.

The thing with MoneyGram is they are now demanding you show i.d. to send money.
I want to send it anonymously as it is no ones business how I spend my money.
I have an old Western Union gold card with a fictitious name and address on it that I have
used for years to send money to the children in Jamaica. (No paper trail back to me)
I will take your advise however and use MoneyGram.
I go to any Walmart in the U.S.A. that has MoneyGram service, fillout the paper, show them my i.d., hand them the Franklins and get the transfer number from the paperwork.

(I think the charge to do this is about $10 USD to send up to $600 USD.)
It will show how much I sent in USD and the exchange rate to zloty that they will be picking up.
I then either call or e-mail my Polish friend the transfer number.
They go to any post office in Poland, show their i.d. (dowód osobisty), give the post office the transfer
number and collect the money.
Sounds simple enough.
And again thank you for the help.
12 Jul 2017  #40
HI: I have just connected with a distant relative who lives in Poland. If I want to send him a card with $20 cash in it, will he be able to exchange it easily and use it? Or would I just be creating more of a problem for him? He doesn't have access to a computer or email, and doesn't drive.
johnny reb 16 | 3,477
12 Jul 2017  #41
It is against the law to send cash in the mail.
All denominations have the readable strips in it so a quick scan of your letter by the post office will detect your $20 bill.
Most likely it will end up in some post office workers pocket.
Best way I have found to send money is money gram like I posted above your post.
I have since sent money several time to Poland and it works very easily.
It cost about $10 to do it so sending only $20 is hardly worth it.
Better you send him at least $50.
DominicB - | 2,663
12 Jul 2017  #42

There is no economical way to send piddling amounts of money to Poland, and enclosing it in a letter is ill advised because of the reasons johnny reb listed above. Theft by postal workers is still a major problem in Poland.
17 Jul 2017  #43
thank you for the information and tips. I will check to see if he has easy access to a Post Office in Poland so he could complete the transaction. If he isn't easily able to get to the Post Office, I guess I won't be able to help him as I would like. I agree that at least $50 or more would make the most sense. Thanks again!
johnny reb 16 | 3,477
17 Jul 2017  #44
I believe that you pick up funds send by Money Graham at most banks in Poland.
cms 9 | 1,272
17 Jul 2017  #45
You can pick up money gram at Pekao, Bank Pocztowy or at Tesco. Western Union at PKO and I think WBK. As Johnny says these are the safest options.
OP Polonius3 1,000 | 12,449
17 Jul 2017  #46
Dziękuję bardzo dużo

Should read.
Dziękuję bardzo (no dużo needed).
Bardzo doceniam Twoją współpracę (or pomoc).
johnny reb 16 | 3,477
17 Jul 2017  #47
Cała przyjemność po mojej stronie
You will be given a transit number when sending the money.
You will have to contact the receiver (by e-mail or telephone) of the money and give them that number so they can pick it up.

When you send it, the receipt that they give you with this number will also have the exchange rate from USD to Zloty so you will know exactly how much the receiving person is to pick up in Zloty.

Make sure the person that you send the money to gets a receipt with the amount received from the Western Union or Money Gram pick up point in case they try to short the receiver with some b.s. about the exchange rate has changed or that there is a service fee for them.

No no no no, what ever the exchange rate is on the senders receipt and amount to be picked up by the person in Poland, is the same exact amount that the person in Poland is to pick up.

Don't let the bank clip you for a few bucks and don't back down from them.
Ask the bank if it is really worth a few bucks to be reported for money extortion.
If they do try to clip you, get the pick up slip amount paid out and put it with the copy of your sending amount slip, make copies and contact your sender source and report the Polish Bank for money extortion.
el_easy 2 | 54
19 Jul 2017  #48
How about Paypal?Anyone tried that?

Well, many people don't know that, but using Paypal as middleman
sending money to Poland comes out free.

For examples,

- I have it this way:

Chase Bank (USA) > Paypal > Alior Bank (PL) = free

- Like this it charges you:

Chase Bank (USA) > Alior Bank (PL) = $$

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