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Bought an item in Poland, shipped to the US. Help to track it.

frank w 1 | 3
23 Jan 2010 #1
hi i live in the u.s.a.
i bought an item in poland by email paypal the person said he posted on jan.6 2010
he sent me a tracking number but it for the polish post
i dont know how to contact them to trace my pkd
is there anyone who could help me thanks frank
Sildar - | 34
23 Jan 2010 #2
If you are using dhl

To track a parcel, you must enter number of it at the end of this link
19 Feb 2015 #3
Merged: I need to re-route Package from Poland to US - USPS tracking number? It was sent via Polish Postal Service.

I am having a package sent to me from Poland to the US. I have the Polish Postal Service tracking number, but my question is if i will get a new tracking number from USPS once the package enters their system. The Polish Tracking number does not work on the USPS website and I am really hoping that i will be issued a new tracking number from the USPS since my address was entered incorrectly by the shipper and i need the package re-routed to the correct address through the USPS.
19 Feb 2015 #4
You'll be able to trace the package using the Polish tracking number on once it has the status of "item sent abroad". That's typically when the information is electronically forwarded to USPS.
1 Mar 2018 #5

Packages from Poland

I bought some items from a person in Poland listed on Facebook. I paid her via PayPal and items we're reportedly mailed January 23, 2018. I have received anything yet. There are at least two other people who haven't received there's either all around the same time. The seller did not use tracking.!is there anyway we can find out where the packages are?

Where do you turn for help locating a package sent from Krakow to USA? Several people who purchased from a seller in FB have not received the packages supposedly mailed Around January 23, 2018. She did not purchase tracking as it was too expensive she said.
Alexbrz 3 | 78
1 Mar 2018 #6
Well, if there's no tracking the simple answer is you're not gonna track it. Thats what tracking is for, isnt it?
jon357 73 | 23043
6 Mar 2018 #7

I don't use Facebook myself, and would be very wary about buying from it or any other place with unregulated sellers. When buying online, it's better to either use a company like Amazon, or use an online marketplace who handle the payments.

About tracking, did the seller give any tracking number or proof of posting.
Richthecat 8 | 69
6 Mar 2018 #8
HAve you tried this

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