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Marriage laws: dual citizenship (Polish and US) preparing to get married to an American.

26 Mar 2006 #1
So here is the deal: I have a dual citizenship (Polish and US) and I am preparing to get married in about a year to an American. I have done research on what is required of an American to get married (in terms of legal documents) and I have read things on the US Embassy website about laws concerning marriage between Polish and American citizens. My question is whether I have to do anything through Poland as well if I am already a US citizen. I guess I am just confused about how my dual citizenship effects the paperwork I have to fill out (I don't even know who to ask). My other question pertains to citizenship of any children from our union. At least in the near future I am going to remain in the US to obtain a PhD so I am wondering if the children would also have a Polish citizenship. And how about if we decided to adopt a child from another country? We have been discussing such possibilies as well. I just don't know where to find relevant information. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
27 Mar 2006 #2
I don't think you'll have to do anything thru Poland - unless you want to tell them you got married and want to change your Polish ID or something. Children should have Polish citizenship too as long as you have a Polish citizenship.
3 Aug 2006 #3
I would like to know what you have found out about the paperwork neede in order to marry a Polish Citizen, since that is what I am planning on doing also.
22 Nov 2006 #4
You don't have to do anything my husband also has dual citizenship. Congrats.
3 Dec 2006 #5
hi, i have pakistani nationality and i marry a polish girl what polish la says about my status...we got merried in the uk i am on student visa in here from last two years..

i will be glade if u give answer of my questions..thanks
krysia 23 | 3,058
3 Dec 2006 #6
What is your question?
Do you want to become a Polish citizen? If so, you have to stay married to her for 3 years, after which you file lots of paperwork for citizenship.
5 Dec 2006 #7
Hi, well miss Krysia i appreciate answering my question..
i am not european or american. i fell in love with a polish student in Germany as we were studing together and we are planning to get married, but i am not planning to go to Poland. so will i be eligible for the polish citizenship after 3 years of marriage although not settling in Poland? another question: directly after marriage will i be able to move among european countries (schengen) without visa with or without my wife?

thanks for your time
krysia 23 | 3,058
5 Dec 2006 #8
Here is some information you were looking for, you can contact them for more detailed info. ship.htm
24 Feb 2007 #9
My wife is a polish citizen, we have been married for 5 years now... WOW, HAS IT BEEN THAT LONG....... anyway i was wondering what i would have to do or what papers i need to file to apply for polish citizenship, and what is the time frame for a decision. I have just visited poland for the first time in dec/january 06/07.... I took my wife to poland for christmas and new years as her christmas gift. I realy love the country and its very colorful history, and i am interested in learning more about poland and of course getting to know my extended family better. any and all information is greatly appreciated.
24 Feb 2007 #10
Also I forgot to mention that i know that poland requires men to enlist into its military, i am 33 years old would that law still apply to me, and if so, would my asthma and history of chronic back problems keep me from fullfilling those obligations. I am more than willing to enlist (my wife has a different opinion) but i want to be prepared for any and all situations that may arise during the process. Also, just a question, does criminal backgrounds play a role in the decision making process? I am not too familiar with polish law, and would like to have a semi firm understanding of the proceedures we must go through. Thank you in advance for all of your help.

P.S. Krysia, I dont think you're a racist. Its amazing what people will say when you dont give them the answer they expect. God Bless.
19 Mar 2007 #11
Polish Marriage Regulations/Laws

Hey everybody,
I am an American currently living in Hollywood, CA while my girlfriend lived in Gliwice, Poland (she's Polish) which is a bit problematic since we only get to see each other about twice a year. I have been to Poland five times in the last two years most recently in January. We're seriously thinking about getting married but I have no idea how the marriage laws in Poland work. I am not interested in Polish citizenship but will like some information on marriage between a Polish citizen and a noncitizen. Do we have to show evidence for anything or show any documentation?

22 Mar 2007 #12
i am polish and i am getting married with english guy. what should i do to change my surname?and another one :i want to applied to be british citizen , question is how?thank for any suggestions.
sapphire 22 | 1,241
22 Mar 2007 #13
want to applied to be british citizen

My bf was thinking about becoming a British citizen, but changed his mind as now Poland is in the EU you have the right to live and work in Britain, so why do you need citizenship? There is a comprehensive written exam that you have to pass (in English) on British history, culture etc..etc..this was brought in last year and is pretty difficult and if you pass that you can then apply, but there is still a lot of form filling and its not an easy process. I think you would have to give up your Polish passport too. Its therefore not really worth it unless you have another reason for wanting to do so (other than wanting to live and work here).
22 Mar 2007 #14
There is small reason.After we got married, we want to take my daughter's father rights(he is in poland), and i was thinking that this can help me and we don't need to go to polish court and do everything here, in england.

to william divine!
There is a law on poland saying that only man up to 26 are going to army, so don't worry besides i think that your health problem will not be accepted in recrutement to army(i was working in army office), don't worry about your criminal background, as far as i know there is a law in poland saying that all your document are clear after 10 years. But its depend what kind of background.wish you the best!
24 Mar 2007 #15
Hi everybody,
I am just new here. I would be very thankful, if you could guide me through my problem.

I am from Armenia and currently working in Germany. I love a polish girl who was here with me. She is in Poland (Warsaw) and we want to marry there. I can not stay there longer.

1. Can I go there and marry within say two weeks? If not possible, would it be possible if she starts with some processes till I reach there?

2. If I later move to Poland, to apply for the citizenship, will the period in which I have lived partially in Poland and partially in Germany be counted?
24 Mar 2007 #16
Thank you anyway sapphire!
15 Apr 2007 #17
can anyone help?

im looking for information on 'Family Life, Dating, Marriage' in Poland. customs, and traditions.

thank you
ArturSzastak 3 | 593
15 Apr 2007 #18
Google it on Amazon and I bet you can find a book on it :)
TheKruk 3 | 308
16 Apr 2007 #19
I am from Armenia and currently working in Germany. I love a polish girl who was here with me. She is in Poland (Warsaw) and we want to marry there. I can not stay there longer.

I believe it would be far easier to get married first inGermany because Nothing can be done regarding weddings in Poland in two weeks. I married a Polish girl and we had to marry in The USA (I am American) it would have taken 6 months to complete everything we needed in Poland. My Grandma(Babcia) says you even have to wait a month before they let you die in Poland
16 Apr 2007 #20
My Grandma(Babcia) says you even have to wait a month before they let you die in Poland.

2 May 2007 #21
Iam getting married to polish man in poland . And I need some informatioms. After marriage I need to change my Name in my passport.Iam holding Indian passport.And Iam Indian National from birth. NOw after marriage I want to change my old surname to new surname, So where do I have to change My surname.? DO I have to go to Indian Embassy? or I have to go to poland embassy? please do answer my questions. thaNK YOU.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,149
2 May 2007 #22
DO I have to go to Indian Embassy?

I think so.
TheKruk 3 | 308
3 May 2007 #23
Reid, yeah all name change, passport etc. must be done through your native country first then give it to Polish authorities for your Polish documents.
4 May 2007 #24
Hi :)

I am moving to the US soon, and will be living with my boyfriend. We plan to marry this year still. Could you give me some links to sites when I will find information concerning American laws on marrying a Pole? I would like to take most of the documents with me from Poland, and all the necessary translations.. can't even think of what I might need. I would be grateful for any help. :)

krysia 23 | 3,058
4 May 2007 #25
Are you coming to the US on a fiance, tourist or other visa? Because that's makes a difference.
In order to get married in the US, it all depends what state you are in. Some states require your birth certificate and valid passport with visa. In others you need only your passport with valid visa.

Waiting periods also vary depending on state. Some you have to wait 2 weeks or more, others there is no wait. But you should always have all your documents with you such as birth certificate, passport etc. which you will need for other purposes later such as adjustment of status or work permit.
12 May 2007 #26
Iam not Polish and about to get married to a Polish Gal. I wish to ask what paper work is reqired in Poland from my side to conduct that wedding. We intend to marry in Poland.'Groom -to-be'
13 May 2007 #27
to boss.
at first of course you passport or visa, any form of id, and your adress. they like to be"perfectionists" ,its depend what kind of clerck you will have. i can't think now about anything else.wish you the best
18 May 2007 #28
Infact i am Black Africa,Ghana .....i am likely to marry a poland woman..but i am finding difficult in getting the poland visa online because there is poland embassy in my country....i quess you can do some if you want me to come there....incase of that this is my email address .............williams_keny@yahoo
jdepiver - | 1
11 Oct 2007 #29
Hi there,
I am a Nigerian student studying in the UK and in love with a polish lady(working class).I have planned to marry her here in the UK anyway.Is it possible for a student to marry here in the Uk now that poland is part of EU now.Can i apply for residence permit after we are married here in the Uk.Although i have about 2 years more on my students visa.Can i marry her before my Visa expires that is since i still got like 2 years on my students visa can i marry her even though i still got Visa on my passport.I need advice please..jdepiver@yahoo

Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
11 Oct 2007 #30
(working class).

Not married yet and you've already put her in her place.

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