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Help get my girlfriend to Canada!

Canadia 2 | 19
3 Apr 2013 #1
Hello, I'm just posting to see if there is anyone here who can afford a few dollars, złoty, cents, or groszy, to help get my amazing girlfriend to canada to visit me this summer. We are both poor students, from lower class families, and we are trying to work our way up and figure out what to do. I visited her already by way of a miracle, and I'm turning to the internet for help for another one. I can't think of any bigger source of miracles than the internet these days.

As you can read on our donation page, my girlfriend is polish and I'm canadian. I love the polish culture and I really enjoyed my time in gliwice. I hope my girlfriend will feel the same about canada! So if you think you would want to help us out, visit the page below! Every good thing starts with some kindness :)

gofundme /2haq3o

upps I posted in the politics section... how do I change it?
Monitor 14 | 1,820
3 Apr 2013 #2
get a job instead of begging
AmerTchr 4 | 201
3 Apr 2013 #3
You gotta' be kidding.

As mentioned, get a job.
OP Canadia 2 | 19
3 Apr 2013 #4
im not begging. i just thought there would be some sympathetic people who could help. seriously check out gofundme, there are people getting money for much stupider things, so i decided "why not?"

and i have had a job since i was 12, lol kid you not, im 19 now, and my job is gone due to my town of 300 people aging and shrinking.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
3 Apr 2013 #5
If there are many other beggars asking for money for nothing it doesn't mean that you should be one of them. You're not Syrian asking for food.
OP Canadia 2 | 19
3 Apr 2013 #6
ok ill take it down then if youre all gonna be so uptight about it, but seriously, ive been a member here for years and ive never really joined much because of what negative twats some of the people here can be. there are some exceptions but not enough to make going this forum worthwhile, so i apologize, i should have known better.

hmm by years i man more than 1
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
3 Apr 2013 #7
We are both poor students, from lower class families

Clown. Go get a job.
OP Canadia 2 | 19
3 Apr 2013 #8
it takes a lot more courage to put yourself out there than to insult people from the safety of your parents basement, fellow clown ;)
3 Apr 2013 #9
It takes even more courage to ignore it, don't you think? You put yourself out there, and this is how people chose to respond. Ya rolls the dice, ya takes your chances, right? Anyways, per your girlfriend and your's predicament, you won't find much charity here. I got nothing against panhandlers, but you gotta know when to walk away when the fish ain't biting.
3 Apr 2013 #10
Hi Steve McColl,

The idea of using the internet to fund your trip is great, I have to agree with the others your request does come across as begging. It would be much better if you offered your services - What can both you and your girlfriend barter in exchange for a donation, if it is a donation you should not have to issue invoices

Ideas for you English lessons via skype, copy writing, proof reading, web design,so,so, so maybe you have friends with skills you can also get involved.

If you repackaged the whole concept it could work. People buy people first your story has a romantic edge to it and I believe people will see that. Don't give up, its just the first hurdle, be a winner. Good luck
OP Canadia 2 | 19
3 Apr 2013 #11
why would I not defend myself? I recognize no one here is gonna give me money and thats perfectly fine, but Im not just gonna go "oh guess I am a clown, might as well shut up now" so thanks for your opinion.
3 Apr 2013 #12
I'd take warszawki's advice, my man. And thank him for it, were I you. He gave ya more than anyone else would.
3 Apr 2013 #13
im 19 now, and my job is gone due to my town of 300 people aging and shrinking.

People there have cars, you got a bucket and a sponge?
OP Canadia 2 | 19
3 Apr 2013 #14
thanks a lot for the great advice, I actually am experienced in copywriting, as I did that for my boss as she was terrible at it when she first started her business. I suppose I could proof-read as well, I have always been proficient in grammar and English composition. Sadly I suspect these skills wouldn't be as appreciated on the internet as a whole, at least not as much as they are on this site. Once again thanks to all who commented to keep this post on the top of the forums so that someone with a little sympathy might see it.
tygrys 3 | 295
3 Apr 2013 #15
When I visited Poland I earned the money the hard way. It would be nice if someone rich would pay for you, but you can't depend on others. If you want something really bad, go out there and do it. You can get cheap tickets on the internet yourself. Connecting flights are cheaper, but go get a job!! You cannot have other people paying your way all your life. Nobody has money, and if they do, they earned it. Sell something, flip a few burgers, clean the store, stock the shelves and save your money for that trip.
OP Canadia 2 | 19
6 Apr 2013 #16
nevermind she broke up with me...
7 Apr 2013 #19
nevermind she broke up with me...

Maybe she did not like the exposure on the internet.

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