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Polish communties in Washington or Allegheny county?

25 Feb 2012 #1
We are looking for Polish speaking people in Washington or Allegheny county. I live in Michigan and you can find multiple people who immigrate to Detroit area and are looking for work and we are looking for home health care with someone who is Polish for our 89 year old mother who came from Poland about 49 years ago and lives in a totally non-polish community. My sister who currently has my mother living with her has 2 teenages and could certainly use some home help to give her a break. My mother is quite alert. Ja rozumiem po polsku i moja siostra terz ale nie tyle co ja. Morzna adzwonic albo to Marysi Miller - Michigan 810 360 - 0401, 248 207-2841 (cell) albo Margaret Bertrand Telefon 724 969 0154; Cell 724 554-1557.

Our email is britemiller@gmail or my sister's is hotwheelmags@hotmail

Prosze bardzo zeby kto odpisal.


Marysia Miller
nunczka 8 | 458
25 Feb 2012 #2
What you are looking for is just about impossible to find especially in Western Maryland.Polish communities in eastern large cities no longer exist.. There are still some small areas where that are still hanging on. The same thing that happened to Detroit is happening here. (Need I say more?)You might want to try Western PA. There are still a lot of Poles that moved from Pittsburg living in the counties

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