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Where to buy Polish food in New Jersey?

JeffandKim - | 1
28 Dec 2007 #61
Polish Deli
1203 River Avenue, Lakewood, NJ 08701
(732) 905-5351

Polish Plaza Deli
65 East County Line Road # 75, Lakewood, NJ 08701

(732) 364-0033

C J'S Liquors & Polish American Deli
816 Arnold Avenue, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742

(732) 295-1707

B & L Polish Deli & Meat Market
221 North 10th Avenue, Manville, NJ 08835

(908) 253-0099

*There's a nice Polish Restaurant in Barnegat right near the A&P shopping centre.
nj jan
29 Dec 2007 #62
There is another place in Manville called European Deli. They make their own pierogi and have many varieties of them. They also do polish style catering. They also sell many varieties of kielbasa and imported goods. They have been in business for 18 years. Which makes them the oldest and largest polish delis in Manville

European Deli
260 South Main Street
Manville NJ 08835
4 Jan 2008 #63
What is the name of the store on Main Ave. in either Clifton or Passiac that sells homemade pieriogies and kielbasa. Its about one mile east of Corrodos Supermarket.

They also sell home made microwaveable meals to go.
5 Jan 2008 #64
Best babka in Teaneck nj on clifton ave ,a majority nof residents trace their roots to Poland ,some of the older ones speak Polish but they are a dying breed ,you can try other polish origin delicacies,remember the bakery is kosher so they would not mix dairy & meat.So many jews in the U.S.A. are from polish backgrounds.
7 Jan 2008 #65
I live in texas and making a trip back to my hometown in jersey I use to buy pierogies in passaic on lexington ave all they made there was so many kinds of them i cant locate them any more any help from you guys would be helpful thanks

donna that is the same one i am trying to locate i live in texas now and visit jersey and last time i went thats what they told me too about it being burned down can we find i again it was the best ever my family loved it and they were italian and i am polish so please help us find that place thank you all

thanks cliftongirl just read your post i am so thankful
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554
23 Feb 2008 #66
was wondering if someone can tell me where i can get some polish food in new jersey?

You can find some of this :)

Mniam :) Canned American style bigos
...or commando style
In a local NJ grocery :)
madprops0 - | 2
26 Feb 2008 #67
Joes meat market in perthboy orrrr i remember this place at Rt. 18 flea really does not get better than that
learning 16 | 72
29 Feb 2008 #68
Wow I can't believe how close some of these places are. I look on a map, and its like the opposite direction of where I usually go out to eat, but the same distance and with highways.
9 Mar 2008 #69
I'm not Polish but I grew up in the Passaic/Clifton area of NJ, loving Polish food. I asked a Polish coworker where I could find good pierogis in my area and she recommended B&L Deli in Manville, NJ. And, here's a link that might be helpful to all!! ....on the web.
15 Mar 2008 #70
There is a WONDERFUL polish store in Garfield, NJ, where I grew up. It is called Piast on River Drive. It is absolutely PACKED at Easter time, but you will not believe how quickly you are in and out of there! They have police directing traffic, so parking is done very efficiently. They have I can't tell you how many people working behind the counter, and they have the most efficient system I've ever seen in a deli, so you are in and out of there in about 15 minutes or less! As for the food -- INCREDIBLE!!!! They not only have incredible Polish deli foods, like kiska and lots of varieties of kielbasa, but they also have a large selection of jarred and canned goods, as well as candy and magazines from Poland. There is too much to list, but believe me, it is definitely worth the trip. In the same mini-strip mall, there is an out-of-this-world Polish bakery with the best rye bread you've ever tasted, along with incredible Polish cakes and cookies of all varieties!!! I now live about 45 minutes away from them, and yet every year for Easter, without fail, I make the trip there just to get all of my Easter "goodies". Enjoy!!!

May God bless and be with you!
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554
17 Mar 2008 #71
It is absolutely PACKED at Easter time,

It's actually packed every day :) I live 3 blocks from there. it's true you can get just about anything in there. If it's too packed there's another small one a few blocks away aroud the corner from Pescador Portugese rest.
Weste - | 1
21 Mar 2008 #72
I'm in south Jersey - the land of nothing much of anything. Does anyone have directions to the Polish section of Philly? I only know of 1 place on Venango or Salmon that makes kielbasa. There is a small shop in Vineland at Park and the Blvd. but beyond those 2 places, :(

Anyone w/info for Philly can write me at

22 Mar 2008 #73
The pierogi factory did burn down several years ago but reopened on Main Street in Clifton, NJ. It's called "Homemade Pirogi". It's across the street from De Luxe Cleaners. Since there's a Mexican place next door, they now also make meat-filled empanadas as well.
3rdgen polish
2 Apr 2008 #74

PHILLIPSBURG, NJ 08865 Phone: 908-387-0774
1 May 2008 #75
B&L Market in Manville, NJ. It's on the corner directly behind Manville High School.
I often buy AWESOME piergogy, Kiszka, MANY varieties of Kielbassa and many baked goods there. Trust me, this place is fantastic. They have all the dry goods that you'd expect from a Polskie store like jellies, soups, spreads, frozen goods, canned goods (we LOVE their Golonka). They speak English, but it's a pretty 'Polish' place - it reminds me of the little bodegas in Poland.

I even heard that Jimmy Maly Weber of The Sounds keeps his girlish figure by purchasing his lean snausages at B&L Market in Manville, NJ! Matka Buska!
13 May 2008 #76
For biggest selection of polish candy & chocolates go to delicje. It's a polish candy store and it cheaper than at piast. They are in Clifton on Dayton Ave (Botany Village Square). It about a mile from Piast and much bigger selection of chocolates. They are next to the polish bookstore.

You need to try plums in chocolate and cherries in liqueur. These are the best chocolates I've ever tasted.
2 Jun 2008 #77
THE BEST KIELBASA IS WYSZYNSKI'S, you can buy on line at Phone number is 1-866-593-4633
MSMC123 - | 3
12 Jun 2008 #78
Edison New Jersey would probably be your best bet...
1 Jul 2008 #79
stas in passaic,nj on market street has awesome kielbasy and they also ship it!
17 Jul 2008 #80
594 Chestnut St, Roselle Park, NJ Delicious Pierogi makes the best pierogies I have ever had in my life!!!
18 Aug 2008 #81
The best Pierogi and Kielbasa I have ever tasted was from European Deli in Manville. I found them on the internet.
24 Oct 2008 #82
Where store with polish meat contain say lard in nj
kman67 2 | 79
24 Oct 2008 #83
It depends on where you are in NJ. I've seen it at Piast in Garfield, at Koruna Meat Market on Van Houten Ave in Cifton, and at Wawel in Roselle Park
24 Oct 2008 #84
i live in manvile

i live in manville where ist Springfield smalc store polish food
bones57 - | 1
26 Oct 2008 #85
Super meat products, north feltus street in South Amboy, NJ .. excellent deli, great pierogi. right around the corner from Sacred heart RC church.
7 Nov 2008 #86
I live by that deli on River Dr. The food is fantastic!! It reminders me of the Italian delis my mother use to shop in Brooklyn!! I am Italian but good food is good food!!!
15 Nov 2008 #87


GARFIELD, NJ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16 Nov 2008 #88
There is a polish deli opening up on washington ave. in Washington,(Warren County) NJ. The sign says opening soon..11/16/08
18 Nov 2008 #89
Not anymore. They are out of business - to bad!!!
25 Nov 2008 #90
He moved to Main St., Clifton near White Castle.

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