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Where to buy Polish food in New Jersey?

1 May 2007 #31

(Deli in Lakewood)

take rt 9 south to County Line Rd. At the lights turn left, and the Deli is right there on your left side next to a laundromat. The building is accross from a cemetery.

I shop there all the time, and the food is really great and fresh. People who own it are very nice and friendly.
10 May 2007 #32
In Rahway - Stas' meat Market on St. George's Ave (Route 35) just off Inman Avenue. lso Serena's Deli

Great Restaurant is Big Stash's in Linden.

Check out The Polish Cultural Foundation in Clark at 177 Broadway.

Great Library and Polish/English School for children and adults.
18 May 2007 #33

We own a Polish Deli and catering business in Passaic, New Jersey. Please visit our website janeksfinefoods to find out more about who we are. All of our foods are homemade on premises. If you have a moment, hit the announcement page to see what we do on the outside. Take care Jim Janek and family


We own a Polish Deli and Catering business in Passaic, New Jersey. All of our food is homemade on premises. Have a look at our webpage janeksfinefoods. If you have a moment click on the announcement page to see what we are doing on the outside.

Thank you,
Jim Janek and family



There is a Polish Bakery two doors down from our business.Passaic, NJ.Polonia bakery, they make there own Babka's (delicious)

Jim Janek and family
11 Jun 2007 #34
21 Jun 2007 #35
Thanks for that bit of info carpe diem. I'm only about 15 minutes away from the Farmer's Market. Never been there but I'll have to check it out now.
25 Jun 2007 #36
Does anyone know of a german wholesale foods place in Newark? Heard they have great kielbasy and fairly inexpensive. Also heard the name began with an "S" and they moved to another location. If anyone has information, please provide.
FISZ 24 | 2,116
25 Jun 2007 #37
We like Polish food better here suknia :)
Eileen S
1 Jul 2007 #38
4 Jul 2007 #39
I agree---Big Stosh's in Linden is great. Simple, "no frills", cafeteria style, but AWESOME food! You get great bang for your buck and I guarantee you'll leave full!
polish food
5 Jul 2007 #40
Go to Pulaski on Wood Avenue in Linden, NJ!
FISZ 24 | 2,116
5 Jul 2007 #41
So i guess Linden is another PL area in NJ? Never heard of this place being so...

I'll have to visit. THX
12 Jul 2007 #42
Jan's Polish Deli on Wilson Ave. in Englishtown, NJ past Raceway Park or Pulaski Meat Market on Wood Ave. in Linden, NJ.
17 Jul 2007 #43
BOTANY VILLAGE YOU CLIFTONISTS! There's a great place that has deli goods and a cheap hot buffet!
There's a good pierogi place 1295 Main Avenue in Clifton over by Piaget and another Polish deli on Clifton Avenue a few block down from Main Avenue.
monk 4 | 10
27 Jul 2007 #44
In Jersey City there's one downtown. It's called I think Europa and the address is 527 Jersey Ave. you can buy different kinds of Polish meat, sausage, cheese, candy, bread, cakes and pączki :D And there's a Polish travel agency like across the street.

You can also buy Polish cookies, marinated mushrooms, & other Polish products at A&P's around here.

There's also a Polish Deli called Sawa, also in Jersey City, I think it's on Central Avenue, near Dickinson HS

And in terms of shops outside of NJ (but near Jersey City) well, you can always go to the Greenpoint area in Brooklyn, it's a big Polish community, full of Polish stores and restaurants. Or, go to Brighton Beach, also in Brooklyn. It's mostly a Russian community but you can often find products like Polish juices and water (Nałęczowianka, etc.) in the stores. Plus you can enjoy a day at the beach and/or Coney Island while you're there 8)

Hope this helps people.
31 Jul 2007 #45
There's a free magazine you can pick up in the delis called Polish Marketplace. It has coupons and stuff for all things Polish. Sometimes you can get ideas for places.

Last issue had a coupon for Stefan's Meat market in Botany Village in Clifton and Krakus Restaurant in Wallington. I think this issue has Royal Warsaw in Elmwood Park.

It's in Polish, but you can still get the point even if you don't read the language (address, phone, etc.) Hope that helps.
4 Aug 2007 #46
The best pierogi and other polish products at the small polish deli on 128 Jewell St in Garfield called "Pol Amer Deli" they open from 5 am to 9 pm Mon-Friday and 5 am to 8 pm Saturday and on Sunday 8 am -2pm
7 Aug 2007 #47
Pol Amer Deli, 128 Jewell St, Garfield NJ 973-478-8140 BEST PIEROGIES AND DELIOUCIOUS FOOD
12 Aug 2007 #48
The Kielbasy Store
Comtinental Home Made Provisions Company
190 Main Street
East Brunswick, NJ 08816
(732) 254-4911
3 Sep 2007 #49
Polish Festival in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Festival is going on weekends from 9/1 through 9/9 and all day on Labor Day
I went yesterday and pierogies were great and grilled kielbasa was tasty.
Polish Ice is a nice dessert to finish off.
3 Sep 2007 #50
Does anyone know of the small store front pierogi factory in Passaic NJ? They made the pierogies right there in front of you. Someone told me it burned down. Is that true? If not, does anyone know the address? I thought it was on Lexington, but I couldn't locate it.
11 Sep 2007 #51
The pierogi place did burn down. It was on Lexington Ave in Clifton. It has since relocated to Main Ave and they are just as good as they used to be. It's on Main between Piaget and Washington, somewhere in that area. You can't miss it. Huge sign out front and it's across from DeLuxe dry cleaners.
jadachw49w - | 5
16 Oct 2007 #52
FISZ that liquor store with the polish piwo is home liquors....
FISZ 24 | 2,116
17 Oct 2007 #53
Yes :) That's it. Get the Black Boss Porter!
urszula 1 | 253
17 Oct 2007 #54
Polish Festival in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

I've been there. They have a beautiful Polish church on top of the mountain with a painting of Matka Boska Czestochowska from Poland.
19 Oct 2007 #55
Go to Philadelphia, PA if you are close for baked goods, meats in Polish style. Polish section of Philly is near the Besty Ross Bridge. Some places are limited in their English speaking.

Shoprite in Cherry Hill, NJ has a small International isle with some dry goods. Not sure about Northern NJ but there are many more Polish folks up there
4 Nov 2007 #56
Olympic market in Irvington they make the best kielbasy. krajana is great!!!
kman67 2 | 79
12 Nov 2007 #57
Wawel in Roselle is outstanding. It's on Raritan Road. The husband of a woman I work with owns the place, and it is through her that I met my Polish wife. Saturday mornings are the best there.
26 Dec 2007 #58
There is POLISH AMERICAN DELI in Runnemede on Black Horse Pike. Check their website
Trek75 1 | 2
26 Dec 2007 #59
In Garfield you can find Piast (on River Road) and Golden Eagle (on Lanza). Both are really good, with Paist being the larger of the two.
27 Dec 2007 #60
Go to Adams or the Super Deli in Wallington the best around.Adams is on Maple Ave one block east of Main St.Opposite the PD station and Super Deli is about three blocks away at the corner of Main and Wallington Ave.

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