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Why do Americans (and Canadians) hate Polish people?

dolnoslask 6 | 3,085
22 May 2016 #211
"who viewed themselves as superior to other Canadians and even insult my country", then they are nor representative of of the Polish people at large, many poles travel for holidays and work abroad . Poles today have the freedom to travel the world and do so to soak up an experience that their parents during communism never had, only today i talked to a guy that had visited Peru 5 times and he spoke to me about the importance of fitting in an accepting the traditions, food and culture of the host nation.

I do hope that the bad experience you have had with poles is just sad minority of individuals that probably exist in most nations.

Please come and visit Poland one day, you will be most welcome.
5 Aug 2017 #212
Ah, you think you're special!

We're American, we hate everybody and we'll beat anybody up!

My last name is Polish, my nephew and niece have a German last name.

Chinks, Krauts, Spics... Pollocks and Injuns. Just about everybody is family
10 Dec 2017 #213
I am 3rd generation Polish American and proud for where my ancestors came from and the country that is my home now. I don't speak Polish. Not because I chose not to, but because my great grandparents chose not to. They felt they were now Americans. I did want to learn.

No Polish Americans I know hate the Polish coming here now. Go into our small Polish community and see how quickly they ignore you when they realize you don't speak Polish. Maybe we need a peace treaty? lol

The Poles who come to Pennsylvania and New Jersey live in groups of some of the poorest areas of their towns. They choose not to mix. I would like nothing better than to sit down with them and learn what life in Poland is like. It's not happening with gang.

Another problem is politics. As shocking as it may be there are many Polish American Republicans. We aren't interested in having the state care for us. My father worked 42 years for General Motors with taking a sick day. Not because he was afraid to, he loved his job that much. For 16 of those years he worked 2 jobs and never took a dime from the government. We also don't believe the government should tax us so someone can go to university.

As for Polish jokes. I grew up being called a stupid Pole. They were intended as insults. Do I like a stupid Polish joke. Yes! Call me a Pollock and I don't care. I am proud to be that. I have heard those stupid Polish jokes except with Irish, Indians, Italians etc. Ever see a Polish wood stove? Now a real Pole wouldn't get that, they would just get angry. How many Poles does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Recently I asked a question on this site about why do Poles react the way they do to Polish Americans. The attacks were immediate and nasty. It seems the Poles feel they are being forced to work beneath their education. Then you are confirming the stupid Pole opinion of Americans. Nobody put a gun to your head to come here and work for slave wages.

What is with speaking proper English? Nobody cares if you are speaking proper Polish or is that Polish? Nobody cares you go to university forever. Get over it. You want to get paid more in America than get a degree that pays the money you think your worth. Want to know why Americans mostly know only English? It is because our country is HUGE and we don't need to. Poland is the size of our state of Nevada.

Now that may sound like I hate Poles. I do not. They would be welcome in my home with open arms. I would like nothing better than to share a drink and have you teach me a language I never knew. They are part of me, they don't have that same feeling and they told me clearly. Over and over I was told stupid, uneducated Americans say things like thank you or I am sorry too often. Horrible isn't that? Even better we smile too much. I am guilty of that. Maybe that smile might make a new friend.
kaprys 3 | 2,511
10 Dec 2017 #214
If you really want to know what Poland is like, come and visit. But come with an open mind.
After all it's just the size of Nevada - unlike your wonderful country ;) Surprisingly enough, most European countries are small compared to the US.

You can't blame people for not wanting to talk about their country to a random man in the street. How about making Polish friends?

The question is whether you want to as they live in the poorest areas of New Jersey as you say. ;)

As for Polish jokes, the problem is that you believe they're true. Reread your post to find out how many generalisations you make.

If you were really into learning Polish you would have done it years ago. But it's never too late, I guess. Don't blame your grandparents for that and start learning. It will take years.

As for people answering your previous posts, why do you assume they're all Polish immigrants to the states? I'm Polish living in Poland with no intention of moving to the US. As for others, you got replies from an American Jew, an American living in Europe or a Brit living in Poland. One is a Pole in the US, not sure about others.

To sum up, change attitude, decide who you are and stop blaming others for how you feel.
Lyzko 30 | 7,378
10 Dec 2017 #216
You mean Germans hate Poles more or vice versa?
23 May 2018 #217
Maybe because they find them cold and too standoffish? I as a Bulgarian find more Western and Eastern Slavs weird, cold and standoffish.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
23 May 2018 #218
You may have a point. Here, in the best country on earth, aka the USA, engaging perfect strangers in a short smalltalk is routine. While cruising,I often end up at McDonalds for breakfast. On many occasions, I would notice a group of older guys just sitting there, sipping coffee and enjoying their conversation. As shyness is what I left in Poland, I would walk right up, say hi and ask if I can join in. Always and without any exceptions I was greeted with sure sit down. With my usual sensitivity in such matters, my first question is often, is this a Trump territory or Hillary? BTW, the only time the response was "Hillary" it was to have fun with me for a moment.

Could I do in Poland?
10iwonka10 - | 395
23 May 2018 #219
Could I do in Poland?

Too big risk that it will be weirdo and they will never get rid of him :-)
Crow 147 | 9,314
23 May 2018 #220
Why hate Poles?

They hate Poles because Poles exist.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
23 May 2018 #221
Why do Americans (and Canadians) hate Polish people?

The question itself is arrogant and has a load of self-importance. For me to hate you, you have matter and be relevant to me. (Trolls, that "you" was editorial. I really have no feelings, good or bad, about Crow).

For example, I don't hate Mongolians because they don't matter to me. But I do MS-13 and, by extention, everybody from El Salvador because they should not be here, legally or not.
Miloslaw 9 | 3,032
23 May 2018 #222
I don't think Americans and Canadians hate Poles at all.
Some idiots buy into The dumb Polish jokes just as we in England have the dumb Irish jokes.
I have yet to meet a truly stupid Irish or Polish person.
This is just more s... stiring....
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
23 May 2018 #223
I have yet to meet a truly stupid Irish or Polish person.

How true. All the Polish engineers at my last place of employment were the very best and at the top withing the engineering department. They would argue, just like me, but they were smart and supremely proactive. One of them would walk into my office to tell me that I am a very manager. My response was that I liked his balls to tell me that to my face. He left confused and laughing.

When I came to the US in 1967, I instantly ran into the Polack jokes. One of them was on a bulletin board of Stewart Warner where I started, showing a revolver with the barrel pointing back and Polish Gun right under it. That bs lasted about a day or two. Then I threw a fit, told them that some of the best guns are made in Radom, and that it was the American-made M-16's there were often found jammed next to dead Americans in Vietnam. Nobody ever offered a Polish joke in my presence.

What is with speaking proper English?

My wife is Polish. She came to the States when she was 17 so she speaks very good Polish. We married in 1970 and when our first daughter turned 1 and showed signs of being annoyed by other kids in an all Anglo 'hood because of the few Polish words she picked up from us, one day we switched to the English only, with no exceptions, between ourselves and everywhere else. This decision paid off very well. The the extra money I earned as a manager and later as a director, the position I held until my retirement was a tangible proof. Had I clinged on my Polish heritage, whatever it means while living in "America", I would have never been promoted, and, thus, denied the extra 50 grand a year for about 20 years. That 50 is my immediate salary raise plus the managerial bonus. Do the math and see what being fluent in English does to your cash flow.

Even in Poland it pays to know English. A friend came to the States a while back. Her son hated it here so he went back. Luckily, with his English he became a tour guide for foreign tourists. Last time I heard, he was doing very well.

Without trying to be funny or offensive, there is only one reason why a Polish person deserves to be called dumb or stupid: it's for clinging to everything Polish - the newspapers, books, movies, TV, radio, bars, restaurants, and the company he keeps, while neglecting English and the immersion in the culture of the country he chose to be his new home. If this is your choice you lose the right to complain about the non-assimilating Muslims and how you are being exploited at your low-paying job.
cms neuf - | 1,579
23 May 2018 #224
Ok so you cant speak Polish. Question is whether you can speak English? I have never met anyone who has used clinged instead of clung. The imperfect version is of course I was clinging.

Maybe you are more comfortable in Russian?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
23 May 2018 #225
told them that some of the best guns are made in Radom

Except those guns made in Radom in the 1960's were Russian designs, not Polish.

I have to admire the storytelling here, but as always, your story falls on the incorrect facts based on a very limited understanding of Poland from Wikipedia.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
23 May 2018 #226
@Rich Mazur
I apologize for some errors in my Post 223.

It should be within not withing. Also, that I am a very manager. should be that I am a very bad manager.

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