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My wife is Polish and our son was born. British passport?

LEICA 4 | 18
25 Sep 2012 #1
I am a British passport holder living in Poland, my wife is Polish, our son was born four months ago is he entitled to a British passport.Thanks for any help in advance.
Wroclaw Boy
25 Sep 2012 #2
Yes 100%
sa11y 5 | 331
25 Sep 2012 #3
Yes, but I think this is if you were born in GB. My son was born in South Africa to a British dad. We applied for a British passport for him when he was one year old. You need application form (I think it's called C4 but could be wrong) your sons unabridged birth certificate stating your name as fathers name (regardless of if you are married or not) your birth certificate (I dont think passport is enough, as I dont think your son would be entitled to British citizenship if you weren'born in GB). Form needs to be signed by both parents. I'm not sure if this was all we had to provide, but it was very straighforward and took one month. I read somewhere that the pregnancy needs to be registered few months before birth, but we did not do it and we didn't have any issues. I'm not sure if it works the same if you were not born in GB and living outside GB now, better check with Consulate.
25 Sep 2012 #4
I can confirm what sally said: you need to be British by birth in order to pass your British nationality on to kids.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
25 Sep 2012 #5
That explains something - I know some guys from Zimbabwe who are as British as they come, yet they hold Zim passports.
sa11y 5 | 331
25 Sep 2012 #6
Harry, I think you might still be able to, but you have to be living in GB either at the time when the child is born and child needs also to be born there, or via patriality visa (which takes some time).
kj99 8 | 54
26 Sep 2012 #7
just check the british border agency site - it lays it out quite clear...

the british father at the time of birth must be married to the mother if not

,,,,he as father must be entered onto the birth certificate within a year of the birth ...

both the above apply to kids born after july 2006

if not entered onto the certificate within this time - he must make representations to the uk secretary of state ...(presumbly with dna checks etc)
Wroclaw Boy
27 Sep 2012 #8
My daughter was born in Poland, im English and my wife is Polish. I obtained a British passport for her without any problems, i had to send my birth certificate along with other documents to the central British passport processing center in Dusseldorf. Costs about 100 Euros.
sa11y 5 | 331
28 Sep 2012 #9
Yes Wroclaw, but you were born in UK, right?

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