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The Warsaw Connection; I am a recording engineer *Virtual Concert Hall Series*

2 Apr 2015 #1

In April 1967 I had the great pleasure of being invited to record a concert
given in the Polish Cultural Institute, in the presence of His Excellency
The Polish Ambassador.

The artists constituted of a group known as *Fistulatores and Tubicinatores
Varsovienses*, who performed ancient music on instruments constructed by
the family of *Kazimierz Piwkowski*, their leader and founder.

I am now in my eightieth year and the recording, which forms part of a
collection known as the *Virtual Concert Hall Series*, will be lost forever
if a project I have initiated fails.

Permit me to introduce myself. My name is Geoffrey Terry, I am a recording
engineer and founder and owner of *Orchestral Concert CDs* here in the
Czech Republic, here is the web address:

I would be very pleased to be able to publish the recording I made of the
concert, however, since I have lost so much money to date, in my endeavour
to save the recordings I made during the 1960s and 70s, I am now turning to
Kickstarter in the hope that enthusiasts like yourself will help me.

Please be so kind as to visit the Kickstarter page, where you will be able
to hear samples of the music and read full details of the project.

I look forward to hearing from you,

with kind regards,


Orchestra Concert CDs
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3 Apr 2015 #2
Good luck with your project, the samples are very promising, I liked especially excerpts from the concert of early music - exceptional tunes.

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