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University Project - Tłusty czwartek in the UK?

12 Oct 2012 #1
Hello From Chester UK!

I'm currently doing university research into the Polish community in the city of Chester, with the aim to bridge the gap between the locals and the Polish!

After doing some research I have read about Tłusty czwartek and thought that creating an event like this in Chester may attract the people of Chester, giving them an opportunity to have a taste of Poland?

First of all I would like to know whether you think that this is a good idea?

And secondly, would somebody be able to give me a 'dumbed down' simple explanation of the festival? Explaining the meaning behind it and the food, drink and activities on the day?

Finally, do you think that there is a better festival that I should be looking at?

Thanks for your time, any responses will be greatly appreciated!

Kieran Riddiough
University of Chester
Richfilth 6 | 415
12 Oct 2012 #2
It's almost exactly like Pancake Day; same sort of religious background, although I must admit my ignorance as to why it's Thursday (compared to Tuesday) and why in particular it's faworki and paczki rather than pancakes.

But it sounds like a great idea. Who doesn't like doughnuts?

Lany Poniedzialek would also be good.
sofijufka 2 | 191
12 Oct 2012 #3
in Wikipedia you can find short history of this traditional feast
polonius 54 | 420
13 Oct 2012 #4
Pączki haev taken America by storm. For ideas Google Paczki Day USA.

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