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Polish traffickers in the UK jailed for enslaving hundreds of their own people

Dirk diggler 9 | 4,704
8 Jul 2019 #31
Yeah I'll have to agree gypsies are the bane of e Europe. They're still not as bad as w European muzzies tho.

Honestly if you're dumb enough to go to another country for a job without making sure everythings legit and have a backup plan you kind of deserve it.

And most of the girls working in the sex trade aren't trafficked. They do it out of free choice as they can easily rake in hundreds if not thousands of dollars everyday. There's not much need to traffic girls when so many are hos anyway


Thanks to clown world, paki rape squads often get probation for rape like in Sweden. In UK Germany couple years tops. there's hardly any double digit sentences for that even if it's underage. Pretty sad. That's what happens when you're country cares more about invading sludge than your own people.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
8 Jul 2019 #32
perhaps you would like to tell me why so many people in this situation didn't just up and leave when they had the chance?

For the same stupid and incomprehensible reason why women don't leave their abusers EVEN if they have money, no kids and the Greyhound bus stop is right across the street: because women are emotional idiots with that pre-recorded message - "because I love him". Yeah, after years of abuse and rapes the moron still loves him. The worst of it is that one day they will find her decomposing body in a ditch and we all will have to pay for the investigation, trial and the prison when they catch the sob.

Notice for mods: strong verbal abuse against an ethnic group.

Hey, Mr. Sooo Proper, was dragging my dead mother into the argument an act of kindness?
OP Chemikiem 7 | 2,568
8 Jul 2019 #33
It has been widely reported on TV.

Ok, thanks Ziemowit, I wondered how much interest it had generated in PL.

you kind of deserve it.

Another victim blamer. Doesn't sound as if you have read the articles I linked to either. These people were vulnerable with many problems, some homeless. If you have nothing much to lose, the chance of what appeared to be on the surface a better life is going to be grabbed with both hands. Easy to be judgemental when you haven't been in a position of desperation. None of them deserved the appalling treatment they got.
Miloslaw 8 | 2,893
8 Jul 2019 #34
None of them deserved the appalling treatment they got

This is true.
But these bastards obviously preyed on vulnerable people.
Crow 146 | 9,152
8 Jul 2019 #35
What traffickers? Let children of Poland go free. They aren`t worse then British ruling criminal establishments.
Crow 146 | 9,152
8 Jul 2019 #37
What what?

British society isn`t competent to prosecute those Poles. If They are accused they should be sent to Poland. Poland is competent. Not perfect but still competent. At least its much healthier society then British.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
8 Jul 2019 #38
preyed on vulnerable people.

Preying on does not equal "enslaving". Kids aside. Old people are preyed on every single day without being enslaved. They are just stupid.
As a rule, politicians lie. Yet, nobody ever claimed that voters are forced to vote for them or are enslaved - other than to their own greed.

The same sh** is going on in the American "concentration camps" where babies are "ripped from the mothers' loving arms". Another bullsh** women like that lipsticked brick, AOC, love to spread without saying that those loving mothers were told that if they want to continue with the process, they have to be separated from the kids and sign a consent form. Like those "enslaved" prostitutes, the loving mothers and their ripped babies are free to leave any time they want. But they don't want to.
Crow 146 | 9,152
8 Jul 2019 #39
Britain using every opportunity to portrait Poles as evil. People, Brits grow up on hate on everything Slavic.
Miloslaw 8 | 2,893
8 Jul 2019 #40
Britain using every opportunity to portrait Poles as evil

The usual total BS from you......
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,704
8 Jul 2019 #41
It's true Milo, the Brits weren't fond of the poles as they were pouring in after EU accession. They viewed poles as backwards, often drunk, and usually work in construction That's change though once the muzzies basically invaded. It has become Londonistan complete with Muslim mayor and native Brits no longer represent the majority of the population. Poles would get into brawls, abuse all the benefits they get, undercut construction jobs, etc but they aren't raping schoolgirls by the thousands, blowing themselves up and constantly agitate for more concessions.

So basically poles which are still the largest immigrant group in UK are seen as much less of a nuisance to the Brits than the muzzies
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
8 Jul 2019 #42
Brits have every right to dislike foreigners as they please and without explanation.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,704
8 Jul 2019 #43
Well they must really love foreigners considering they brought so many in that they'll all be foreigners in their own country. In London they're already a small group than immigrants. By 2040 it'll be the whole country
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
8 Jul 2019 #44
It was their ruling class - which the Brits love just as much as the Germans love theirs, by the way - that brought that garbage in. One day, I will understand why.
Lyzko 29 | 7,260
8 Jul 2019 #45
Ruling class?? Germans??!

Near as I can tell, they haven't had a Royal Family since the last Kaiser was exiled to Holland, round about 1918 or so.

please back to the topic of this thread
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
8 Jul 2019 #46
OK, back to the thread topic. From":

Yasmin Confino, the manager of the Ministry of Welfare's shelters for TIP survivors, told Yedioth reporter Liat Bar Stav on December 25, 2015:
"... Today it is different. Today, the woman knows that she is going to provide sex services. She also receives part of the payment from the clients. She is not held captive and she gets to keep her passport and cell phone. Yet, since these are foreign women who live separately from Israelis and they do not speak the language, they are dependent on the pimps, dependence that contributes to the pimps' control over these women".

Just as I said. Nobody is a slave. It's voluntary. Stupid, scared, but voluntary. Not everybody who is stupid and scared is a slave. Those women are no different from the domestic prostitutes except that the foreign ones don't speak local language.

We use this term "trafficking" to insinuate that the woman is like a kid or a package and, thus, not actively participating in the crime or is unable to give legal consent. Therefore, it's all the "trafficker's" fault. Sure.
Crow 146 | 9,152
9 Jul 2019 #47

Don`t speak like that man. Its not your thread anymore. You made it public. And after all, discussion just moved to the genesis of things here. You claim that British society have moral right to judge to those accused Poles? To me, to all other sane people here after all, its obvious that Britain don`t have moral right. Its deeply criminalized, corrupt and abnormal society by every human standards. In its nature, its genocidal society. Go ask Irish and Scots what they think of English rule and imposing Britain`s justice on them. Man, they were literally impaled by that same justice. In past, to say but now it goes as mental stubbing in the brain. Spin after spin. Like now with this ``traffickers``. Headlines are now full of stories of evil Poles.

Then, its even judicially questionable and they should be extradited to Poland.

The usual total BS from you......

Horrorous and shocking all you speak here.

Tell me Milo, are you aware what would great Polish heroes and kings of past do to you if they arise alive from their graves? Let me tell you. Adam Mizkiewich would beat you for three days and nights and in fourth day would come Zawisha Czarny and continue. On ninth day would come venerable King Sobieski and tell them to stop to beat madman, how is that a sin. Good King would then conclude how madman or no madman, traitor still don`t deserve to have head and head would roll.

Shame on you Miloslawe.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,259
9 Jul 2019 #48
Don't be so cruel to brat Miloslaw. You should be more understanding, after all brat Miloslaw is only 100% Polish, whereas you are 300% Polish.
jon357 67 | 16,841
9 Jul 2019 #49
they were literally impaled by that same justice

So you think that prosecuting people for organised slavery is a bad thing?
Crow 146 | 9,152
9 Jul 2019 #50

If their quilt is proved they should be prosecuted in Poland, not in Britain. I was clear. Every British politician, army man and that ugly queen are criminals and madman's of highest magnitude and they walk free of jail or asylum. Man, over the border of my country in last 25 years one could sow how British troops normally walk and communicate with worse Arab mujaheedines. And did you ever heard one being persecuted for cooperation with terrorists? No, not of course. And now THEY wants to persecute these Poles? What a hypocrisy.

So, I f*** Britain and ``justice`` of Britain and say to you Brits to remove your nasty fingers from those Poles and extradite them to Poland.

after all brat Miloslaw is only 100% Polish

Its questionable. Just listen to him. Brat Adam Mizkiewich would send to oblivion such a people for less.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,704
9 Jul 2019 #51

This phenomenon isn't unique to the US. This is about human trafficking which includes both forced labor and for sex.

Besides, if someone is stupid enough to go to a foreign land, give up their passports, bank info, etc. and then stick around on top of it they deserve it.
Lenka 3 | 2,493
9 Jul 2019 #52
and then stick around on top of it they deserve it.

Thankfully you are not a legislation maker and the courts decided that what this people did is a crime.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,704
9 Jul 2019 #53
legislation maker

You mean legislator?

courts decided that what this people did is a crime

Well at least when they get out they'll get to enjoy some of that 2 mil pounds assuming they were smart enough to hide it well.

It's pathetic how these people got longer sentences than the uk's paki rape squads get for molesting children. But that's clown world for ya....
Lenka 3 | 2,493
9 Jul 2019 #54
It's pathetic how these people got longer sentences than the uk's paki rape squads get for molesting children.

Both are serious crimes. Sentences should reflect that. And somehow I doubt you are in any way bothered by those kids fate- you just like to rant about certain topics. Do you think you fool anyone here?

And when it comes to clowns- I don't know about the world but I see few clowns right here- you included
Crow 146 | 9,152
9 Jul 2019 #55
People, when rose such is Lenka speaks I`m in awe and unarmed. I now understand Sokrat that was publicly raided by a woman.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
9 Jul 2019 #56
Thanks for completely trashing my thread guys.

We didn't trash it. We keep it alive. Say, thank you.
You just don't like what Dirk and I wrote on the subject. If it were not for us, the first post would be the last, plus a couple of "how awful" obligatory moans from other women and the forum girly men.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,704
9 Jul 2019 #57
I absolutely feel bad for the kids because majority of the time they're innocent and to top it off countries like the United Kaliphate, Swedistan, etc refuse to give paki rape squads sentences that reflect the crime. Probation or a less than a year in a minimum security for molesting a minor? Give me a break....

In this case, I can't fathom how stupid do you have to be to end up in such a predicament. It's not that hard to figure out whether a job is legit or not.

So excuse me if I don't feel sorry for people who end up in situations like this out of their own stupidity. Same as the idiots who bring in turd world pets into their home then are shocked when their daughter is raped or son is stabbed.

That's the problem with western society. Everyone who ***** up is somehow a victim. No one takes responsibility for their actions.
Lenka 3 | 2,493
9 Jul 2019 #58
Yeah right, that's why you use it politically (like in your last post by changing the countries names) Why didn't you mention kids abused in Poland by priests where quite often no sentences were given? How will you change Poland's name in that case?

You see, the case is you are full of sh*t and only interested in your agenda. Don't worry though, I'm not revealing a secret- everynody knows.

As to that case it's hard to prevent. Criminals like that always find the most vulnerable people. Plus quite often when finding job abroad people relay on others.

To the smart asses here it would be good to get to know how the system works with seasonal work for example in The Netherlands. You call someone and you can hear ' Sunday 4 am' a bus there and there and you are going. One doesn't know where they will live etc. You get there and your passport are taken by the agency to record everything. And suddenly you are in a foreign country without documents.

And we are talkin about legit agencies that will give you your papers back etc but sometimes one can get involved with a dodgy one.

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